Holly Plants – The Lush Green Winter Plant

Traditionally used as festive decoration, holly is an ornamental landscape plant that can range anywhere between tiny shrubs to tall trees. Hollies add a beautiful dash of color to your garden or lawn and can be planted even in containers for home decoration.

Holly Plants – Colorful Landscape Plants

Deciduous or evergreen, holly plants are wonderful decorative landscape plants that will fill your garden with color. Holly is found in different varieties, with smooth leaves or spiny ones and berries that range anywhere from red to deep purple. According to legends, the spiny leaves of the holly ward of evil spirits and provide shelter to faeries. And hence the use of holly wreaths and decoration during festivals like Christmas began. In fact, evergreen holly plants have green leaves with red berries that are wonderful during Christmas time. If you have the green thumb and want to plant holly yourself, make sure you plant both the male and female plants near each other for pollination. If you’re confused, ask your gardener or local nursery to help. The plants can be used as a privacy screen for your garden and home too. Remember to grow holly in full sunlight and give them atleast 7 hours of sun every day. They also like slightly acidic and well-drained soil and adding organic compost will help them grow nice and full year-around.

Holly Bushes – Garden Decoration

With their lush green foliage and bright red berries, holly bushes are great garden plants. There are many different varieties of holly; seasonal or evergreen. The bushes are great as ornamental backing to your garden and lawns. You can plant individual bushes along your landscape pathways as decoration. String tiny colored lights over them during special occasions, or just let the landscape lights illuminate them. It also serves as great natural decoration during Christmas, especially when it snows. Remember to trim your holly bushes regularly as they tend to go out of shape quickly. Pruning them in particular shapes also lends a good decorative look to the plants. However you should know that not all varieties can be pruned any time you want to. Different species of holly require different times of pruning and it is better to consult your local nursery or your gardener for the same. In fact, hollies can be used as topiary for your garden or entrance gate, once pruned into the shape of choice.

Holly Shrub – Festive Feel

Many people don’t know that holly can be a great hedge plant and a decoration for your garden or backyard. A holly shrub can be planted in individual planters or pots and can be placed outside your main door or in your deck, patio or yard. The shrubs can also be used as interior decor for your gazebo or deck if you like having plants around. Some species are noted for their foliage and fruits more than others. Also, if you’re using holly for your interiors, make sure to grow the non-spiny varieties, especially if you have children around. However if you do have the spiny leaf hollies in your garden, handle them carefully and wear thick gloves. It is also a great idea to have your own holly tree from which you can make wonderful holiday decoration, Christmas wreaths, etc.

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