Hyacinth Flower – The Fragrant Spring Blossoms

The blossoms of hyacinth bloom in spring and require full sun and slight shade for better results. An annual application of compost is vital for these aromatic flowers.

Hyacinth Flower – Sweet Scented Blooms

A well admired garden flower, hyacinth is known for its sweet fragrance and lovely colors. Hyacinth flower blooms in the spring season and is found in shades of white, peach, orange, salmon, yellow, pink, carmine red, purple, lavender, indigo and azure blue. These bell shaped blossoms of bulb plants bloom in dense clusters and have long narrow leaves that are folded lengthwise. Originated in Anatolia and later exported to Europe, the common garden hyacinth has aromatic bunch of single or double flowered blossoms. The hyacinth plant is suited to grow in gardens or in flower-pots. These plants are planted in autumn in fertile well drained soil so that they can bloom in spring. In the summers, when the flowers die and the plant dries up, the bulb can be taken out and stored for replanting. Hyacinth flower is also called Jacinth and is considered one of the most gorgeous flowers of spring.

Hyacinth Bulbs – Thrives in Bright Sunlight

Hyacinth bulbs are layered with dry, paper like skin which is pale purple or cream in color. Since hyacinth are hardy plants, they can be grown in water, indoors or outside in the garden. Bigger sized flowers bloom when the hyacinth bulbs are planted in brilliant sunlight. To encourage speedy germination and flowering, it is essential to plant the bulbs 6-8 weeks before the heavy frost arrives. Healthy and pest free bulbs of hyacinth give larger blossoms. The soil should be prepared by tilling and weeding and later adding compost to it. The bulbs of hyacinth plants should be placed in holes in the soil of 6-8 inches with the pointed tip facing upwards. The bulbs should be covered with the soil and pressed firmly so that air pockets are not formed. Regular watering to keep the soil moist is mandatory for healthy blooms.

Hyacinth Care – Indoor and Outdoor Plants

Proper caring of the hyacinth plants helps them to bloom and to maintain their fragrance for several years. To provide the required nutrients to hyacinth plants, it is crucial to apply compost at least once a year. For proper hyacinth care, regular watering the plants during summers and fall when it gets very dry, is very important. It is advisable to select a spot for planting hyacinth where there is bright sun in the north and light shade in the south when planting them outdoors. Mulching the bulbs for protecting them from severe chill and spring frost is an essential part of hyacinth care. After the flowers wither, the flower stalks should be cut off leaving the leaves on the plants till they completely dry up. While planting hyacinth indoors it helps cooling the bulbs for 8-10 weeks in refrigeration to get stunning and perfumed blossoms. The bulbs should be planted deep enough so that the plants grow properly.

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