Indoor House Plants – Managing Your In House Greens

Indoor plants beautify your home immensely, but caring and maintaining them regularly is a must for their healthy growth. There are different types of such plants and you can find some great tips for their growth in gardening books and magazines, or you can even simply search on the internet.

Indoor House Plants – Green is Good

There are a lot of advantages of having indoor house plants. For one, they give off a cool and calm vibe inside your home. Also, they help to lower the heat and keep things healthier. Apart from purifying the air, plants also add color and beauty to your home, especially if these are flowering plants or ornamental greens, like bonsai. But you must consider a few pointers before starting off, especially if this is the first time that you’re doing this. Proper light and space are the primary factors that house plants require. For one, they will not get the complete benefit of sunlight, so you must place them in areas where there is plenty of natural light coming in. Humidity and temperature are the next in your list, followed by soil mixture, fertilizer and water requirements. The best suggestion would be to start of with indoor house plants that are easier to care for.

Indoor Flowering Plants – Blossoms in the Air

The differences between regular house plants and indoor flowering plants are that the latter require more light, more care and proper nutrition, or you might not get even a single blossom. Some people prefer to buy seasonal flowering plants, especially for holidays, like poinsettias that are an amazing addition for Christmas. Now some people are happy with just colored leaves, like those of the fire flash or spider plant. Both of them have very pretty white blossoms. Plants like azalea, hydrangea, dahlias, even roses come in beautiful and vibrant colors. Orchids are also good choices, especially hybrid varieties, and even cacti have some really pretty blossoms. If fragrance is what you want more, gardenias, roses, lilies are what you should opt for. To keep your indoor flowering plants healthy, remember that they require a lot of care, especially when they’re blossoming. Read through a good home and gardening book and you’ll know just what to do.

Indoor Tropical Plants – Exotic Greenery

For maintaining indoor tropical plants, it is essential to understand their daily requirements and nourishment needs. Some good tropical plants are Bird of paradise, anthurium, ficus, philodendron, bottle/pot palms, different types of orchids, cactus and of course bonsais. You need to decide where and how you want to keep the plants and decorate your home. If you want, you can even use plant hangers, especially for plants that bloom and spread out nicely. Ceramic ware, hand-made, hand-painted pots, wrought iron holders are good choices for indoor plant decor. Keep plants in a well-lit area, which has plenty of shade and sunlight and water them as per their needs. If you’re a traveler or remain busy for a long period, be sure to buy plants that can survive the harsh environment and go for a few days without water.

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