Jade Plants – Well Suited for Indoor Growth

Both the regular as well as the bonsai variants of the Jade plants are extremely beautiful additions for the interiors which enhance the overall décor and ambiance. These plants are well suited for growth under indoor conditions with minimum requirements of care and attention.

Jade Plants – Evergreen Indoor Beauties

The Jade plants, also known as friendship tree, lucky plants and money plant in different parts of the world are native of South Africa having the botanical nomenclature of Crassula Ovata. These succulent plants with pink and white flowers have thick trunks and rounded fleshy leaves that grow in opposing pairs. The rich jade shade of the leaves of this plant may acquire a reddish tinge where they are exposed to excessive and direct sunlight. Well suited for indoor growth, the Jade plants are commonly used as decorative pieces in living rooms and halls. The small flowers of the plant that appear in early spring significantly increase the visual quotient of theses potted plants making them an all time favorite.

Jade Tree – Growing Requirements

The Jade tree is more suited for well drained soils that do not have peat moss to retain water. The watering needs vary as per the weather with the only necessity of ensuring that there is no over watering as this leads to the wilting of the leaves. The ideal indoor temperature for healthy growth of these trees is that corresponding to under shade temperature of that region in summers. Excess heat and direct sunlight tends to discolor the plant and adversely affect growth. Regular pruning is essential to maintain the looks and growth rate of these trees. Mealy bugs and aphids are the most common pests affecting the Jade tree which need to be guarded against.

Jade Bonsai – Decoration

The Jade bonsai variants are extremely beautiful decorative pieces that can be helped to flower and propagate at the home itself. Allowing the plant to survive on reduced water supply at the onset of frost season will encourage flowering. Staying dry for a few weeks will ensure that the bonsai blossoms by approximately the Christmas time. These plants are ready to propagate variants that can be re grown from stem and leaf cuttings. The safest way is to place the cuttings in a water container till roots appear after which they can be transplanted to proper pots for further growth. The Jade in its miniature forms offers a unique look that can compliment the décor of any interiors.

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