Japanese Bonsai Tree – Short Cultivation Guide

Bonsai tree cultivation is a Japanese art, now popular across the world. The art can be mastered with enough patience and plenty of care, which will soon turn out to be a rewarding hobby.

Japanese Bonsai Tree Cultivation

A Japanese bonsai tree can be a wonderful addition to your room or office. ‘Bonsai’ literally translates to ‘tray planting’ and it is important to choose the right kind of tray with the proper depth and width to suit the tree you wish to cultivate. The next step is to choose a section from a full grown tree that has generous amount of branches so that it resembles a full grown tree.Japanese bonsai tree cultivation is both challenging and very satisfying and with the right care, the tree can survive for several years.

Bonsai Tools for beginners

An elegant combination of art and gardening skills, the bonsai tree cultivation requires a set of basic tools to get started. Wires, branch and root cutters, pliers and tweezers should be fine for a start. These bonsal tools are needed for guiding the bonsai tree’s growth by wrapping wire to mould its shape and for pruning it into shape. Bonsai Tools can be purchased from authorized dealers and the more experienced you become, the more tools you can add to your collection. Remember, if you take good care of your tools, it will last for a really long time.

Bonsai Seeds

While there is the option of choosing the right tree branch for cultivation, using bonsai seeds is another, much simpler way. There are several varieties to choose from and like bonsai tools, bonsai seeds are available for purchase from certain stores or can be specially ordered. Most of the packages come with user-friendly instructions for germinating the seeds. Once they are germinated, the seeds can be transferred to the trays for cultivation. The right amount of water, the type of soil and humidity are all very important in determining the way your bonsai tree grows. When it starts growing, you will need to prune and wire the branches and roots to achieve the required effect.


Once you get started, read Bonsai books to learn more about the techniques and styles of cultivating these miniature trees. You can also buy a Bonsai Tree for your friend or colleague, for, Japanese Bonsai Trees make excellent gifts.

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