Landscape Design Lighting – Attractive and Feasible Ideas

Choosing the proper landscape lights for your yard, porch or garden is essential for that extra touch to your home. You can find really simple, good old lights or go for modern fixtures that add a whole lot of elegance and beauty to your home exteriors.

Landscape Design Lighting – Perfect Your Outdoors

A well-planned landscape designlighting will add a touch of brilliance and beauty to your home, while highlighting the strong points and hiding the flaws or problems in your landscape if any. Earlier, simple gas lamps were used to light the garden path or walkways, mostly to just give people a source of light after dark. Modern day lights provide much more than that. These lights are artistic and intricately designed to suit all types of homes and landscapes and enhance the beauty of your home. When deciding the landscape design lighting, remember that with beauty it also has to be functional, complement the exteriors and also be cost-saving and environmentally friendly. You can illuminate your pond, fountain or pool with underwater lighting, while spotlights can be installed around a badminton or tennis court and silhouette lights are also a great option for larger areas. Low-voltage lights are highly in fashion these days and not only are they cost effective, but also very safe and easy to handle.

Deck Light – Bright and Beautiful

When it comes to adding proper exterior lights, your deck light plays a very important part. Because you want to create the perfect exterior for your home, you need to select the lighting that is not just good to look at, but is equally functional. The options are endless in terms of colors, shapes, sizes and styles of light available. You need to find the one that complements your deck, porch, patio or terrace perfectly and also illuminates the area properly, is inexpensive and safe for kids to handle. The great thing about a deck light is that it not just gives you a source of light for evenings and night times, it is also great as a safety precaution, drives away insects and small animals and helps you to spend some quality time outdoors. Sconces are brilliant ideas to use, especially on walls next to your door or ceilings. Adding recessed lights on the floor of your deck will also look really beautiful, especially if the lights have mood controls for a romantic evening or dinner. You can also install lights on the stairs or railings, or string tiny bulbs over the railings, ceilings, hang lanterns or install gas lamps on newel posts.

Patio Lanterns – Illuminate Spaces

The great thing about outdoor lights is that they provide wonderful brightness to your exteriors, but at the same time, overdoing the lighting will not do much good. Patio lanterns are wonderful options to light your porch or patio as they provide outdoor lighting and an aesthetic appeal too. Lanterns can be of so many varieties; Victorian style gas lamps, modern day hanging lanterns, Chinese lanterns, Turkish lamps, you name it. They can even be wall mounted today, with simple nuts and brackets and controlled from inside the house with a switch. Automatic lamps are also helpful, especially if you’re back with a handful of groceries and need someone to switch on the outdoor lights. Stand alone lanterns have an ethnic appeal of their own, but before purchasing, check them and see how much area they illuminate. All in all, your options are endless, but the decision has to be yours, depending on the design of your home, the usage of the lights and of course, your budget.

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