Landscape Planning – Creating an Expanse of Scenary at Homes

Landscape planning has a long history and can be traced back to the ‘Vashtu Shastra’ in ancient Indian texts, ‘Feng Shui’ of Chinese origins and the ‘Theories of Vitrivius’ in Europe and has always been an integral feature of all great looking houses.

Landscape Planning – The Practical Aspects

Landscape planning is the key to creating that great looking home which is pleasant and inviting. The process of landscaping is slow and painstaking but whose results give immense joy and satisfaction. Landscape planning includes various practical aspects like the total amount of area available, the exact contour of the available land, big trees already existing on that land, availability of adequate water supply, expected climate, layout of the premises and most importantly the owner’s priorities. The landscape is a reflection of the taste and preference of the property owner. While some like traditional landscapes involving shady trees with neat lawns others may desire to base the landscape on particular contemporary themes.

Lawn Landscaping – For Looks and Space

Lawn landscaping has the potential to transform an otherwise dull looking property to a inviting home which can be picture framed. The basic essentials of lawn landscaping is planning and designing the contours of the lawn and placement of pathways through it. The lawn needs to cater for the playing requirements of the kids and the pets who otherwise can spoil all the efforts gone into making of the lawn. The exact type of grass best suited for the climatic conditions to get the requisite texture to the surface must be carefully selected. The water supply and drainage of the lawn area is equally critical in maintaining great looking lawns. Wide expanses of greens interspersed with shady trees and pathways lined with small bright flowers gives a classic look to the entire property.

Home Landscape Design – Modern Concepts

Home landscape design is the ideal way to get immense value addition to any house with bare minimum expenditure. However to get trendy looks one has to thoughtfully combine the usage of trimmed lawns, smart flowers placement, couple of right looking fountains, pebbles covered pathways and a cute gazebo with access from all directions. The landscape planning should always take into account the entire layout of the house and its surroundings as a single unit and not disjointed pieces.

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