Lawn Garden – Creating Gardens in Mowed Grass

The beautiful suburbia of the US and the European countryside feature houses with lawns in addition to the gardens. The lawn gardens are much popular, and the most sought after are organic lawns.

Lawn Garden – Ideal Outdoor Lounging Areas

The fundamentals behind a healthy lawn lie in creating healthy soil beds, proper fertilization of the lawn, and ultimately, choosing the right grass. It takes 2-3 weeks for the lawn grass to get well rooted. A lawn garden is an ideal outdoor area for lounging, and look lovely with ground or container gardening. Combined with the perfect garden furniture like wooden, metallic or rustic furniture, these lawn gardens create a perfect outdoor recreational experience. A rocking chair is a cool choice for the lawn gardens. A traditional cottage garden feel can be created at the lawns with sun loungers, hammocks, wooden picnic tables, wooden benches, and colorful parasols to shade you from the sun.

Laying Sod – For Easy Growth of Lawns

The preparation for laying sods must start one or two days in advance. The pre-requisites include tilling the area for clearing the weeds and debris and removing large stones. Loosen the soil and rake again to firm the soil down. Apply a fertilizer if required, water the soil and leave it overnight. While laying sods, keep the green side up, and arrange the sods by not stretching them. Now firm the sod down to soak it in the soil. Let it stay that way for two to three weeks. Watering every two to three days is essential, especially during the dry summer months. Keep away from the sods until they are well rooted.Always get good quality sods for laying. You can buy sods specially made for making lawns, which would be grown in good, weed free soil.

Mowing Lawn – Perfecting the Lawn Grass

For mowing lawns, a basic understanding of the mowing process and a good lawn mower are essential. There are reel lawn mowers and electronic lawn mowers. While the former is ideal for smaller lawns, the latter is great to mow large areas. The electronic mowers are faster and feature fast charging batteries, along with unique grass cutting systems that cut the grass effectively. Before mowing the lawn, you must clear the lawn of any substances that can obstruct the mowing process. Do not go around in spiral movements, and mow back and forth. Maintain the speed to avoid any chances of the blade getting clogged with the grass. Clean the mower blades and apply oil in the mower’s parts to prevent them from rusting.

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