Lemongrass Plant – The Essence of Thai Cooking

In many Thai cuisines, lemongrass is usually combined with spices like garlic, chillies and coriander that make Thai Foods not only tasty but healthy as well. This combination of spices and herbs is believed to possess the ability to heal colds, flu and other viral diseases.

Lemongrass Plant – Facts, Description and General Use

Lemongrass plant is a weed grass that is abundantly found in tropical countries like India, Thailand, Philippines and Sri Lanka. This aromatic herb is widely used for culinary purposes in Thailand, Vietnam and many Caribbean Countries. It provides a strong tangy flavour and a lemony scent to many native cuisines. It is used as key ingredients for soup, curry dishes and teas. Lemongrass plant is a stalky weed with slender blade-like leaves that can grow to a height of about five feet. It is a perennial herb that requires no special tending. It also has many medicinal purposes. It can be ingested raw, cooked or can also be applied as cream. Nowadays, it is commercially distributed in fresh, dried or powdered form. This versatile plant is also the best source of antioxidant that can help prevent cancer.

Growing Lemongrass – Easy to Grow Herbs

Growing lemongrass is easy. In fact, in tropical countries, this herb does not need any tending as it can grow on its own provided that the soil is healthy and the temperature is right. There are two ways of growing lemongrass. If you want to start from scratch, you can do so by purchasing lemongrass seed. You can either plant it in a pot or directly bury it underneath the earth. You do not need to dig too deep, just enough to cover the seed. If you live in an area where it is cold, it is advisable to have your lemongrass in a pot; this way you can keep it indoors when the weather is cold. Another way of planting lemongrass is to purchase fresh stalk with roots and soak it in water. Wait for a few weeks for it to develop its roots. Once new roots have emerged from the stalk, you can transfer it in a pot as they are now suitable for planting. Make sure that the lemongrass gets enough sunshine as this is what they need to grow.

Lemongrass Benefits – A Versatile Herb

This herb is a rich source of citral. This substance aids in treating stomach problems like spasms and indigestion. It can also help relieve muscle cramps, headaches and rheumatism. A recent study found out that this substance can eradicate cancer cells in the body without harming the good and normal cells. It also contains antifungal and antibacterial properties that help in the reduction of skin problems like acnes and fungi infection. Other lemongrass benefits include boosting of immune system and can be used as a good agent in detoxifying the liver, kidney, bladder and pancreas. It can help in clearing the digestive tract as well. It also helps in the reduction of cholesterol, uric acid, cellulite, blood pressure and unwanted fats.

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