Night Blooming Flowers – Fragrant Blooms that Favour the Dark

Night blooming flowers are loved and cherished because they add radiance and fragrance to the yards making it look beautiful after sundown. These flowers can also be grown without much hassle and can be maintained easily.

Night Blooming Flowers – Some Facts and Features

Many night blooming plants come from the family of Solanaceae and are inhabitants of South America. Plants which belong to this category are either shrubs or woody trees that bear colorful pendulous flowers, which appear like trumpets. These vibrant flowering plants have an average height of 14 centimeters and the flowers appear in a number of colors like pink, yellow, orange, red and white. These night blooming flowers have characteristics of citrus groups and have an exotic sweet fragrance. Also some flowers of the cactus family belong to this category and are very high on fragrance. The flowers keep the yard scented all throughout the night and anyone within the radius of 30 feet can feel the delightful fragrance. The Selenicereus Species and the Hylocereus Species are two of the most famous types of the night blooming flowers. The Selenicereus spp. is rightly known as the “queen of the night”.

Night Blooming Cereus – Several Magical Plants

The night blooming cereus is a kind of common name given to all flowering plants, which bloom during night time. There are various faulty facts associated with these types of flowering plants. Many wrongly believe that flowers of this type bloom yearly and only during the full moon. These beautiful flowers are also fondly known as the “Princess of the Night”. The major general color in which these kinds of flowers are available is white but other colors. Garden Heliotrope is another type of night blooming cereus which had originated in Peru. The distinctive feature of the Garden Heliotrope is its unique smell. The strong and blissful fragrance emitted by the flower is frequently compared with vanilla. This plant is also known as the cherry pie and is sowed easily in all kinds of soil and any type of climatic condition. The Hawaiian night flowers also have some of the strongest aromatic properties. However the most important thing to note in regard to these flowers is the fact that, most flowers of this category are poisonous if ingested.

Night Blooming Jasmine – Incredibly Beautiful

Night Blooming Jasmine is a shrub of woody type, which may be as high as four meters. These flowers are usually found in colors of tinge green and white. However, there are few rare variants of this plant which bear yellow colored flowers. A very nice and strong kind of scent is found in these flowers. Also known as midnight candy, the scents of these flowers resemble aromas of almond, vanilla and honey. Night Blooming Jasmine grows in small white clusters. The planting techniques can vary a great deal but planting a stem cutting is the most common practice. Moreover the plant prefers sandy soil to thrive. However frost will harm the plant. It also must receive ample sunlight and decent amount of water. Over watering will cause harm to the plant.

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