Orchid Flowers – Exotic and Delicate Blossoms

The Orchidaceae family is famous for the uniqueness and structural variety of its orchid flowers. Like most monocots, their petals and sepals are so distinctly whorled they are known in the plant kingdom as tepals.

Orchid Flowers – Behind the Unique and Delicate Structure of the Famous Flower

Orchid is derived from the Greek work “orkhis.” From the thickest rainforest in the world where they originate and keep the ecosystem balanced to the hands of a beautiful bride, Orchid flowers have been fascinating people all over the world primarily for its unique and delicate structure. Orchid flowers can either be basal growing from the zenith of the primary stem like the Cattleya or axillary growing from the leaf axil like the Vanda. It is generally bilaterally symmetrical albeit difficult to notice in some flowers. It has tepals – three sepals on its external whorl and three petals on its internal whorl. Its lip called the labellum is constantly enlarged and protects the pedicel or ovary, which is inferiorly located behind the flower. Through a 180 degrees rotation the labellum gives way to the pedicel providing a convenient platform during the process of pollination.

Orchid Tree – Discover the Flashy Alternative to Orchids

Originally found in Asia, Bauhinia Variegata is a flashy flowering tree aptly called Orchid Tree alluding to its flowers that resembles the orchids and its height that can reach a staggering 40 feet. Its leaves are long and leathery thin and its flowers are extremely radiant in terms of fragrance and colors like magenta, indigo, dark red and yellow. Its fruit come in an oblong and flat pod containing 10 to 15 seeds. The varieties of an Orchid tree come in shrubs, deciduous and evergreen. Because of its resemblance to the famous orchids, it has become an attraction in itself. Occasionally however, it is deemed an ecological threat that displaces vegetation and invades disturbed areas in pine rock lands.

Orchid Farm – Where the Rarest Blooms Breed

There are still many varieties waiting to be discovered in the world’s rainforests but the interest and demand for orchids have grown tremendously over the years. Despite the consequences of their displacement from the rainforests, some people score the tropical jungles in search of the rarest varieties. Others however choose to produce more of what’s already discovered by putting up an Orchid farm. Modern technology in breeding orchids has fortunately allowed both the hobbyists and entrepreneurs to propagate orchids without putting the ecosystem in danger. The surge in supply has likewise allowed people to enjoy this bloom at an affordable price especially during the special moments in their lives.

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