Organic Aloe Vera – The Versatile Medicinal Herb

Known popularly for its cooling effects, aloe vera has become a widely used plant. However, research disputed the sole function of said plant and introduced its numerous usages both for aesthetic and medicinal functions.

Organic Aloe Vera – Natural Plant Wonder

Raised in natural surroundings, rich sandy soil that has been properly drained with enough sunlight and ample water supply, organic aloe vera is free from pollutants. The organically grown aloe vera is rich in polysaccharides and more then two hundred active constituents, which can be found in the aloe gel. Since it is free from any form of chemicals and pesticides, it is guaranteed safe and without any toxic content that may be absorbed by the plant. Organic aloe vera can be used as a cooling gel, its moisturizing effect aiding cuts, wounds, insect bites and rashes. It can also be ingested as a juice to help improve digestion, give relief to throat problems and relieve joint pains.

Aloe Vera Plants – Multiple Health Benefits

Gardeners used to grow aloe vera for ornamental purposes, but over the years, the plant has become an important addition to medicinal plants that can provide remedy to numerous diseases. Aloe vera plants can be utilized when freshly picked but there are also commercially available products in the form of juice, gel, cream or pill; each form has been created to target specific needs. The gel is what comes from freshly cut aloe vera plants and may directly be applied to the skin especially for cases of sunburn; the processed version of the gel is the cream or lotion. Aloe pills are for combating gastritis, digestive ailments, arthritis and other similar conditions. On the other hand, the aloe juice which is rich in vitamin C is recommended to help lower sugar levels and reduce the risk of certain cancers.

Growing Aloe Vera – Planting for Health

Aloe vera consists of about ninety-five percent of water that is why it is not advisable to grow them outdoors in places with freezing temperature. The plant grows best in sandy texture of soil and water supply must not be excessive to avoid drowning. Growing aloe vera is not complicated since the plant requires little maintenance. The plant grows well when exposed to the right amount of sunlight and needs minimal amount of water. During summer, the plants must be watered occasionally but not excessively since it is more prone to drowning rather than drying; it requires less water during cold or winter season. The plant is also resistant to many pests, making it convenient to grow.

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