Organic Fertilizers – Animal and Vegetable Matter Initiating Natural Plant Growth

Chemical fertilizers are seen to pollute the environment and thus harm the balance of the eco system. The solution for this problem lies in the use of organic fertilizers. These fertilizers which come in many forms are seen to provide nutrients to the plants without causing any side effects.

Organic Fertilizers – for Enhancing Soil Composition

Organic fertilizers are fertilizers that are derived from animal or plant matter. Besides providing the required minerals and nutrients to the soil, these fertilizers also increase the nutrient storing capacity of the soil. They also help to improve the soil structure and increase the moisture storing capacity of the soil which in turn benefits plant growth. The soil aeration is improved and leaching losses are also prevented .Compost and saltpeter are examples of two widely used organic fertilizers.

Organic Soil – Plethora of Nutrients

By treating normal soil with fertilizers containing organic ingredients, we can develop organic soil. This kind of soil differs from the other soil types in the fact that they contain a very small amount of chemicals, fungicides and pesticides. This soil encourages the rapid and healthy growth of plants while at the same time discourages the growth of weeds. Organic soil can be custom made in a variety of types like soils for a backfill or soil specifically designed to grow vegetables. For preparing organic soil, one should first get the native soil tested commercially. Depending upon the soil type and the ingredients required, treat the soil with the organic fertilizers. After application of fertilizers, rake the soil and water it immediately. Start any planting only after a month, when the nutrients have completely turned the native soil to organic.

Organic Manure – Natural Manure

Organic manure is made from natural products and is popular around the globe owing to their easy availability and less expensive nature. Farmyard manure is a kind of organic manure which is made of animal excrements. Fish manure which is made specifically from fish carcasses and fish offal is another kind of organic manure The microbes contained in this kind of manure can be used to clean up all the contaminants present in the soil and make it suitable for the growth of plants. They also act on insoluble components in the soil and reduce them to a form which can be easily absorbed by the plants for their growth.

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