Outdoor Planter – Add Color and Beauty to Your Exteriors

Plant enthusiasts prefer to plant their plants in fancy planters to enhance the appearance of their garden. Outdoor planters are available in interesting shapes and various sizes. One can choose these planters based on the type of garden they wish to create.

Outdoor Planter – Various Types to Enhance Your Garden

Window planters are very popular and people prefer to grow spring flowers in the same and place it on the windows. Bowl planters is also common outdoor planter and is widely used. These are made of ceramic, polypropylene, clay and other materials. Hanging planters can be hung on your entrances and doors and is ideal for growing vine and cascading flowers. Square planters are ideal for protecting the plants from hot and humid weather conditions as these can regulate the temperature of the plants. You can also get creative and use broken pottery, old dishes, tubs, and buckets, etc., as planters. Even shoes and tyres can also be used as an outdoor planter.

Patio Planters – Make These Yourself

Patio planters are widely used to grow flowers and vegetables in small gardening spaces. One can find variations of these planters made of plastic, wood, glazed clay, terra cotta, etc. These come in various hues and hence one can create a very colourful garden by planting their plant in these planters. You can also create your own patio planters with used cans, old containers or plastic bottles. You can cut the top portion of cans and bottles and spray paint those and then grow plants in the same. Even old and dysfunctional wagons and wheel barrows, wicker and ratten baskets can also be used for similar purposes.

Deck Planter – Things to Know

Decks were made to provide extra seating in garden areas and for other purposes, but most people prefer to add a green touch to their deck. Deck planters are meant to be strong and sturdy and so materials like wood, galvanized steel, terra cotta, etc., are used in the making of the same. You can also attach these planters to the railings to make it look fancy. Hanging deck planters can greatly enhance the appearance of your garden and is ideal for small spaces as well. You can also place salad bowl planters on your deck and grow plants in the same.

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