Palm Plants – Ideal Indoor and Outdoor Decorations

With roughly 2600 species, palm plants give a tropical feel from wherever they are. Whether placed indoors, or outdoors, these plants are popular for their exotic appearance.

Palm Plants – Understanding the Family of Decorative Trees

Whether placed indoors, or outdoors, palm plants can easily be added to your decor. The palm’s natural fanned shape makes them fancy ornamental plants; they may be placed in attractive pots, with garlands of bright lights, or pretty ribbons. Palm varieties which are grown indoors make beautiful bonsais for those with limited spaces, and they can be grown to medium height with trinkets hanging from their leaves. Outdoors, these plants are decorated with beach items during the summer, or used as unique versions of Christmas trees. When kept indoors, palm plants can give rooms and offices a warm, earthy feel; and since these plants require little maintenance, they are popular indoor decorations. When grown outdoors, palm trees are attractive, luxurious, and relaxing as it is a symbol of a tropical vacation. Palms are also hardy species, making them practical and decorative pieces in both outdoor landscapes, and indoor setups.

Lady Palm – The Slender House Plants

The Rhapis excelsa or lady palm, stands at 4 metres, with multiple clumps of ribbed, glossy stems that are 30 mm in diameter. This southeast Asian native can tolerate low light conditions, and does well with colder temperatures, making this a very popular plant indoors, and outdoors. The lady palm has glossy, fan-shaped leaves which are split into 4-10 segments. The plant is grown for its lush foliage which comes at a light green shade if grown under the sun, and turns into a deep green color when grown indoors. These palm trees are slow growers, therefore it is more convenient to buy them in nurseries according to the desired height, rather than growing them from seeds.

Pindo Palm – The Hardy Feather Palm

The pindo palm has the characteristic pinnate leaves which form a downward arch, supported by a trunk that is thick and stout. This palm tree has leaves which can grow up to ten feet long, attached to stems which are 2 to 5 feet in length, and come in beautiful light green to bluish gray shades. This kind of palm also bears bright orange fruits (known as pindo dates) which are juicy, edible, and at times made into jams, jellies, or marmalades. Although this palm tree has a very tropical look, this variety can tolerate very cold temperatures, and almost any kind of soil type.

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