Peony Flowers – Beautiful Blooms to Uplift Your Landscapes

Peonies are some of the most widely grown plants and some are herbaceous while others grow into large trees. Easy to grow and maintain, you can choose your favorite out of the various varieties of peony plants and plant them in your home garden.

Peony Flowers – Adaptable and Hardy

One reason that peony plants are so popular is because not only are they easy to grow, hardy and adaptable, but peony flowers are some of the most attractive and beautiful flowers. There are different types of the plant, some are herbaceous, others that grow into large trees and some hybrid. But most garden users plant the herbaceous varieties, because these perennial plants have beautiful blooms, are easy to maintain and fill your garden with color. Before planting peonies you should however read the instructions carefully about the kind of soil, nutrition and other requirements that the plants need to grow up healthy. Many peony flowers have really large and heavy blooms and need extra support to grow. The flowers come in a huge variety of colors and shades, except blue, are really fragrant and make wonderful bouquet or ornamental decoration. In fact some varieties have double blooms, with extremely fragrant flowers. The fernleaf peony has some of the most amazing red blooms and long spiny leaves.

Pink Peony – Pretty in Pink

There are around 500 varieties of peonies, each beautiful in its own way. The pink peony is one of the most wanted varieties and come in a huge range of shades from coral to deep pink. The most popular varieties are the Adonis, Belleville, Alexander Flemming, Coral Sunset, etc. You can go to your local nursery and pick your favorite shades and also choose the more fragrant ones. Tree peonies need to be cared differently than herbaceous ones, so choose wisely. Itoh varieties are crosses between herbaceous and tree peonies and also need special care. If you specifically like a pink peony, it can be a great idea to plant them in decorative pots outside your main door or arrange them on your porch too. You can offset the colors by inserting pots of other colored peonies or other spring flowers. Peonies also require regular care like water and sun. Chinese cut peonies are some of the most popular varieties as are Japanese varieties.

White Peony – Beautiful Shades

If you like subtle beauty and soft colors then the various varieties of white peony is right for you. One of the most beautiful varieties is the Shirley Temple, found in 1952 and known for its light rose colored petals that change to white. These flowers are huge; a full grown bloom is around 8 inches in diameter. Not only does it flower pretty early, but the stems are hardy and strong and this makes the flower great for decoration in vases or bouquets. Charlie’s white is also one of the best white peonies, famous for their double petals, ivory tinged flowers and long stems also making them great as cut flowers. The best suggestion would be for you to go through a catalogue well in advance before you choose the plants you want for your garden.

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