Peony Plant – Providing Green Foliage and Attractive Flowers

Mainly two types of peonies are selected for gardening, the herbaceous cultivars and tree type. While the former perishes in every autumn, the latter sheds leaves during this season. Suffruticosa and paeonia are tree types and these are small shrubs. Buds of herbaceous cultivars are formed at crown in underground.

Peony Plant – Significance and Things to Remember

Peony flowers are red, white and yellow. Types of Peony plant include bush and tree. It can also be intersectional and these are hybrids of trees and herbs or bushes. It has large leaves and stubby branches. The leaflets are apical, oval and long and flowers are large. Peony, which is herbaceous and intersectional, needs a cool climate. You can plant them in a sunny location with good drainage. You should select tree peonies in shaded areas. Before planting, you should prepare the soil by adding compost, which helps to make the soil fertile. Peony plant does not need much maintenance. You should remove foliage in the end of growing season.

Peony Season – Right Time for Planting

Peonies are very popular in weddings and are used in bouquets. Peony season is in June and you can cultivate the plant in outdoors during this month. However, the best time for peony planting is the fall season. So the later part of September and early October is the best peony season. Flowering season of peonies is from April to May. The plant gives ripe fruit in September. The time of blooming of peonies is different and depends on the type of plant. Varieties of peonies that bloom in early spring are Aristocrat, Abalone Pearl and Festiva. Peonies blooming in mid spring are Big Ben, Adonis and Angel. Late season varieties include Nippon beauty and Pride.

Peony Garden – Variety of Collections

Peonies are ornamental plants and have fragrant flowers. You can grow tree peonies in your garden. A peony garden is also a nursery where people can purchase a wide range of high quality peony. The plants are collected and bred in the garden. Many varieties of wild peonies are available here. You can also buy different colors of plants from the garden. Peonies are mainly divided into two species, the herbaceous and the woody species. Paeonia abchasica, Paeonia anomala, Paeonia broteri, Paeonia bakeri, Paeonia brownie, etc., are some of the species coming under herbaceous. On the other hand, Paeonia decomposita, Paeonia delavayi, Paeonia jishanensis, Paeonia ostii, etc., are some of woody species. You can find a variety of different species in peony garden.

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