Potato Barrels – Containers that Ease the Harvest of Earlier Potatoes

Growing potatoes in the ground require digging the soil for planting, and digging it out while harvesting the potatoes. However, use of barrels, bins, and certain bags can facilitate the growth of earlier potatoes, and harvest them easier than before.

Potato Barrels – Grow Potatoes in the Patios and Greenhouses

While potatoes are cultivated in the ground, there is enough space for growth, and this helps growing potatoes in bulk. However, as people tend to live in space constraints, and still do not want to compromise on the health factors, thus wanting to grow organic fruits, vegetables and tubers, they are container grown in the patios or balconies. Potato barrels are ideal to grow potatoes at home. They can be accommodated inside the greenhouse, patio, or even kept outside, to produce richer and cleaner tubers, and are mostly four feet tall.With potato barrels, growing potatoes and earthing them up are easy. The main advantage of potato barrels are that you do not have to dig out the spuds while harvesting. The potatoes can be easily harvested from the barrels through the holes on the sides of the barrels that can be easily opened. They are mostly light weight, easing your efforts of carrying them anywhere you want. The potato barrels can be purchased online or from home and garden stores, along with a kit that includes tips on how to easily grow potatoes in the barrels.

Potato Bins – for Earlier Harvests

Like barrels, potato bins can also be used to grow potatoes easily at homes. They can be placed on a surface or on the ground, and gives the most convenient way of harvesting early spuds. They can be covered with compost to grow potato plants that can be further used to make larger, earlier harvests. Place them at an area where the temperature is not more than 10F. But early seed potatoes for planting. Once the potatoes start developing one inch shoots, with around 3 shoots per tuber, place them in the potato bins already filled with compost, with not more than 4 or 5 in one container. Cover one inch above the shoots with soil. Keep adding soil, ensuring not more than a couple of inches of the shoots are exposed. Stakes can be used to support the plants in the potato bins. In addition, fleece covers can be used to cover them during frost.

Potato Bags – for Storing or Growing Potatoes

Potato bags can be used to follow the same method as in potato bins, to produce rich potatoes at home. They are usually polyethylene fiber bags or woven plastic bags can be used. The good thing about growing potatoes in containers, bins, barrels and grow bags are that the nutrition level, the moisture level, and weeds can easily be controlled. As these bags and bins are portable, they can be moved to places when the need arises for more or less sunlight. Once the potatoes are harvested, the potato bags can be used again for planting the next set of potatoes. These bags can also be used to store potatoes fresh for a longer time.

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