Pots and Planters – Functional and Appealing Garden Accessories

There is a huge variety of plant pots, as well as, planters that enhance the visual interest. It also creates additional color and textural element to any garden design.

Pots and Planters – Making Gardening Easy

Garden pots and planters come in a variety of materials, styles, sizes, and shapes. Wood ceramic terracotta, fiberglass, clay, concrete, metal, etc., are some of the standard materials which are used to make decorative pots. However, while choosing the material for a particular plant, you must remember that the certain pots support certain plants. There are pots that are remarkably tough to extreme weather. Many pots also light weight, which offers a great variety of pattern, texture, and color to the garden. Container pots are more popular since many years and are immensely practical for plantation in flats, apartments, etc. The unpleasant sides of the balconies entrance ways can be covered in a decorative way by placing the pots and planters in these areas. They can also be moved easily when the plants outgrow the space. The plants grown are less prone to pest, and climatic damage as they can be moved to appropriate places.

Plastic Planters – Basic Available Types

There are many advantages associated with plastic planters. They are not only economical but also, are very easy to clean and maintain. Plastic hanging basket is one of the great accessories for decks, patios, etc. They come in many attached reservoirs in order to retain excess water from the drainage. Plastic window box planters are ideal one for planting miniature herb garden, flowers, etc. As they are long, rectangular shape, they provide enough space for the plantations. They are less permanent that can be easily fixed to your window. Round plastic planters are another type that is perfect for planting flower plants in the patios. They are available in the market in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and designs to suit the taste of the buyer. Drip trays are attached to the pots for collecting excess drained water. Small plants like tomatoes and other vegetables can be used to plant in planters.

Large Plant Pots – Best Usage

When you want to use large plant pots in the garden make sure that you choose the right plant. For example, plants with shallow roots cannot grow properly in large pots as the development gets inhibited in pots having excess soil. Vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, eggplant, grow well in these types of pots. Although, it is wise to make sure that the pots have small size holes in the pot for water drainage and the soil can perform better, when it is mixed with vermiculite, perlite, etc., for aiding in aeration of the root. Palms are another popular choice. Indoor palms, however, needs adequate water drainage facility. Alternatively, the large pots can also be used for creating garden decor like garden tables, by placing the pot upside down. Painting them with water proof paint can add flair to the pots and the decor item.

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