Pottery Planter – Rendering an Earthly Touch

Using pottery planter for growing indoor as well outdoor plants at your home is a wonderful idea that lends an earthy tough to the ambiance of the place. The artistic designs that are available in the ceramics pots make them the ideal choice for enhancing beauty of your home.

Pottery Planter – Creative and Artistic Enhancements

The use of pottery planter is a popular means of adding an elegant touch to homes all over the world. The primary raw materials that are employed in the making of these planters are black clay, china clay and terra cotta. Many beautiful patterns and designs can be created using these materials for pots that can be used to plants a variety of small plants and creepers. Depending on the general décor of the place these planters can be made into figurines and animal shapes that hold plants within them. There are hanging variants of such planters which add to the decorative value. Pottery planters are ideal for indoors, simultaneously adding beauty while holding the indoor plants.

Ceramic Planters – Creating Color Themes

By the virtue of the wide range of colors and textures that can be created in ceramic planters they become the ideal choice for theme based decorations in the balcony, patio and gardens. These planters come in matte as well as glossy finishes that can be employed depending upon the looks of the plant intended to be placed in them. Being created through the firing process these pots do not seep water and hence can be easily hung to hold designer creepers. The Italian designs of the ceramic planters are the most popular variety that is commonly used in homes. However being extremely fragile in nature these planters require extra care in transportation and general handling.

Planter Pot – Functional Advantages

There are many beneficial utilities of the planter pot over earth bed planting. The most important advantage is that they can be used indoors without soiling as they contain the earth inside and do not allow the water to seep outside. Since the earth is isolated in these pots the chances of the plants contracting diseases from soil contamination and pest attacks is greatly reduced. The watering and fertilizer application in the pots is much more controlled as compared to any where else thus they can be used for growing delicate and sensitive varieties too. The amazing ranges of designs and shapes that can be accorded to the pots also make them popular decorative items both inside and outside the house.

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