Shade Loving Plants – The Growth and Maintenance Tips

Many varieties of plants prefer growing under the canopies of huge trees, edges of woodland fields, and even behind the towering structures. Some of its types are the rhododendron shrubs and camellia flowers.

Shade Loving Plants – Basic Guidelines in Gardening

Different degrees of shades have to be considered before planting shade loving plants. This is because some plants prefer deep shades which are typically found under thick evergreen plants, and others are more suitable for moderate shades that can be located under heavy deciduous trees. Nonetheless, most flourishing shade gardens are in partial or lightly shaded locations where an approximately 5-hour sun exposure is possible. For a more favorable light shade area, gardeners can always resort to trimming and thinning of trees while others may choose to add reflective surfaces. Should the shade loving plants suffer from dryness; the area can be irrigated and mulched to keep the soil moisture.

Shade Loving Shrubs – Most Common Types

Most of the popular shade loving shrubs are the oak-leaf hydrangea, rhododendron and serviceberries. Oak-leaf hydrangea is known for the cluster of white-colored flowers, which later turn into purplish-pink shades being produced most commonly during summer, as well as the leaves that change into crimson, bronze, or orange during fall. The other shade loving shrubs are the rhododendron and the serviceberry. The latter comes in over 900 species and could grow as high and as wide as 8 to 10 feet, while the former is popular for the blooms it offers during springtime, berries in the summertime, along with colorful foliages and smooth, gray barks in the fall.

Shade Loving Flowers – Popular Options

The camellia is just one of the most widely held shade loving flowers that gardeners prefer having in their landscapes. Camellias are popular for its large and colorful flowers such as the deep reds, pinks, and whites, as well as for its shiny green leaves. The azalea and the periwinkle are some of the popular perennial shade loving flowers too. The latter is known for its prolific and fragrant springtime blooms that could come in the shades of pink, red, lavender, white or orange, and can be best grown in high shades, while the former usually blooms in pink, white, or blue colors, and could be suitable in dappled shade areas.

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