Small Shrubs – Enhancing the Beauty of Your Landscapes

Intelligent use of small shrubs can be extremely effective in enhancing the overall decorative value of any garden. These small, but beautiful additions have the potential to transform any landscape into a picturesque space.

Small Shrubs – The Utility in Gardens

The small shrubs actually form the backbone of any beautiful garden by providing colors and variations throughout the year even when rest of the plants go through their shedding periods. These shrubs do not require additional space and be planted wherever gaps exist in the overall layout of the garden and can even be used to create lining and demarcation for other bigger plants. However these plants will in fact accentuate the more prominent elements by creating a small layer of colorful and attractive foliage around them. Some of the common small shrubs that are widely employed in gardens of all sizes are Mops Dwarf Mugo Pine, Bagatelle Barberry, Regent Serviceberry, Spanish Gold Broom, Dwarf Oregon Grape Holly, European Cranberry Viburnum Compact, Alpine Current and True Dwarf Norway Spruce.

Small Plants – Take Good Care

There are many wonderful varieties of small plants which can be easily planted in your home garden to enhance the visual quotient. However these plants require certain degree of additional care to survive and fruit healthily. Due to their inherent sensitivity to changes in climatic conditions these plants often demand protection through controlled environment like sun shades, moisture regulators and additional fertilizers. These plants are also extremely susceptible to pest attacks and therefore care must be taken to provide the required protection in terms of pest control measures in time. Most small plants are averse to water logging as this tends to rot the roots and lower stem which implies that suitable drainage systems must be put in place when planting them in your garden.

Small Evergreen Trees

All gardens require small evergreen trees to keep up the beauty even during peak of summers and fall season. There are many varieties of small evergreen trees, which are preferred by gardeners across the world. Such trees often require minimal care and tending, while being great for decorative purposes which are the reason for their popularity. Examples of small plants that maintain their green foliage around the year include American arborvitae, White fir, Hortsmann’s Silberlocke, Blue Dwarf Rocky Mountain fir, Chinese juniper ,Rocky Mountain juniper , Eastern redcedar, Limber pine, Austrian pine, White spruce and Norway spruce.

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