Spring Flowering – Adding a Myriad of Colors to Your Landscapes

People look forward to springtime mainly because of the flowers that bloom at this time of the year. Spring weather stimulates the growth of beautiful bulbs, vibrant colors and lush green foliage.

Spring Flowering – General Overview

Perennials and crocuses are generally the species that dominate gardens in springtime. The lily variety agapanthus is famous for its exotic blue and white petals and flowers shaped like a funnel or bell. Another great spring flowering variety is the amaryllis, whose stem can grow as tall as 60 centimeters and bear two to five large flowers 10 to 20 centimeters in diameter. Its distinguishing trait is the dark red markings in its flowers and the different colors that appear on its stalks. Tulips are a pretty common spring flowering plant, available in pink, orange, yellow and white blossoms. A spring garden can be beautiful with tulip plants alone.

Early Spring Flowers – Description

Covering 260 species, the Iris genus thrives in cold and dry climates in the north temperate zone. These early spring flowers can grow from rhizomes or bulbs and have long stems that may be simple, branched, flattened, circular cross-sectioned, solid or hollow. Iris flowers come in a variety of colors but their leaves are narrow and sword-shaped. Hyacinths are ideal bulbous early spring flowers that also have narrow leaves and colorful, fragrant flowers, but they should be handled with caution because their oxalic acid content could cause mild irritation on sensitive skin. Snowdrops belong to the galanthus genus of bulbous herbaceous plants. Their flowers are simpler; no petals and six tepals, the inner segments displaying a greenish yellow color at the tip.

Spring Wedding Flowers – Types

Aside from the usual varieties featured in spring weddings, namely roses, tulips, hydrangeas, lilacs and daisies, such occasions can also use different kinds of lilies and other varieties such as anemonies, waxflower and bells of Ireland. The colors of spring wedding flowers including maroon amaranthus will enhance the radiance of the wedding venue. The bride can deviate from the classic bouquet by having peonies in her flower bundle, and it also goes perfectly in gentlemen’s boutonnieres. Gerberas or gerber daisies in bright yellow, red and white varieties exude an authentic springtime feel whether they are used as table centerpieces or bridal bouquets.

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