The Best Grass – To Create the Most Luxurious Landscape Grounds

The proper selection of the best grass for specific climates and regional temperatures is important in creating a beautiful lawn. Learning techniques in sowing, seeding, and lawn maintenance will help you reach the desired luxury for your landscape.

The Best Grass – Varieties For Luxurious Landscapes

In order to have the most decorative landscape, the best grass is used to a lawn that looks attractive, yet requires very little attention. The key to choosing the right grass type is by considering maintenance requirements, regional climates, temperature tolerance, resistance to drought, adaptation to shade, and wear resistance. For shady areas, Bahia, St. Augustine, tall and fine-leaf fescue grasses are used. The Bahia grass can also grow well in hot climates, as well as the Kentucky bluegrass, Bermuda grass, zoysiagrass, and seashore paspalum; these types are most tolerant to drought. The best grass is any kind, which can successfully have a healthy growth in specific soil types.

Carpet Grass – Warm Season Perennials

The carpet grass is a perennial variety which has coarse leaves and creeps on soils which are low-lying, and are usually wet. This type of grass grows well in slightly acidic soils (ph of 4.5-5.5) with full sun exposure. This grass will adapt well in areas that have poor soil drainage, and low fertility. The carpet grass needs very little maintenance and can tolerate heavy traffic, making them a good choice in golf courses, parks, resorts, and even airports. The seed stalks from this type of grass will grow every five days, and can reach up to 12 inches high, making your lawn unsightly. In order to maintain this type of lawn grass, it is important to have frequent mowing, leaving just three fourths of an inch to two inches, depending on your preference and use.

Scotts Grass – Best in Quality

The Scotts Company has been around since 1868, and have been producing high-quality seeds for both home and professional use. Scotts grass often performs best as compared to others, making them a popular choice for experts and beginners alike. Grass made by Scotts is tested extensively under a variety of conditions, checking for their survival in different temperatures, soil types, and even heavy lawn traffic. Aside from a wide variety of good quality grass seeds, Scotts also offers different products that can provide extra nourishment and protection for your turf, keeping your lawn beautiful, and free from annoying weeds and diseases.

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