Tips for Buying a Garden Hose

From carrying water to catching earwigs, the purposes served by garden hoses are many. Decision on purchasing between a cheap garden hose and an expensive alternative based on its usage frequency and water pressure, does not alter the idea of recycling it when it is ready to retire.

Garden Hose – the Indispensable Tool

Available commonly in vinyl and reinforced rubber, garden hoses cater to several needs at home. They are perfect for rigorous gardening, or to fill your backyard pools and come in increments of 25 foot. Before buying a garden hose, measure your yard and decide the length of the hose required. Having a big garden will force you buy a long garden hose so that it satisfies all your watering needs. However, long hoses reduce the pressure of water.Look for hoses that have guarantee on leaking or cracking. Buy a garden hose that does not kink or bend, and has perfectly tight hose fittings. A hose of good quality can last long and withstand extreme heat, survive being stepped on or pulled through rough surfaces. A good quality garden hose costs between $20 and $30.

Garden Hose Nozzle – for Pressure Control

Garden hoses control water pressure by attaching nozzles at their ends. The most common are the twist type garden hose nozzles. Depending on your watering needs, the nozzle can be twisted to produce a fine spray, a wide spray or a stream of water. Some nozzles are made with adjustable spraying option to produce sprays at different levels. Garden hose nozzles are available in brass and plastic. The brass makes are less prone to leaking or breaking, compared to the plastic ones. However, the plastic nozzles are easier on the hoses and can be tightened perfectly. They are plentily available at the various home improvement stores across the country.

Reel Garden Hose for Storage

With the use of garden hose reels, your burden of untangling the garden hoses are over. They keep the hoses roll up and stay neat. According to the gardening needs, the reel garden hoses can be chosen from a range of choices. The cart reels and the wagon reels can carry the garden hoses to any desired location. The wall mount reels have two variants; the parallel and the perpendicular, and are flexible to use. For pulling the hose along the side of the house, use parallel hose reels. Perpendicular hose reels are for those needing to pull the hose away from the wall.There are easy rewind and auto rewind hose reels, ideal for those who have very little time to attend to the gardening chores.

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