Tomato Cages – Produce Healthy Tomatoes Using Plant Support Systems

While growing tomatoes, there must be enough room for them to spread out, and as they grow further, they sprawl around the ground, taking up a lot of ground space. Tomato cages come handy in being the best support systems for the sufficient growth of the plant.

Tomato Cages – Facilitating Vertical Growth

Usually made of metal or wood, the tomato cages prevent the plants from breakage or getting knocked down. By having the fruits elevated from the ground, the tomato cages thus prevent the tomatoes from rotting. The cages further prevent the tomatoes from the contact with the soil that get sun burnt when not protected with shade or leaves.In addition, the tomato cages facilitate easy plucking of the fruits once ripened, and the spraying of fertilizers is easy, when the tomato vines are spread across the cage. These cages can be built on your own or bought from many home stores. While erecting cages at home, bamboo, metal wires or wood can be used. In addition to the metallic and wooden cages, there are plastic and steel tomato cages, but are not as durable as the ones that can be made at home using a few supplies.

Upside down Tomato Planter – Initiating Downward Growth

Many home and garden stores around feature sturdy cages and tomato planters. Upside down tomato planting is easy and looks ornamental. Upside down tomato planters are available to buy from the home stores or tomatoes can be planted upside down at home in containers. It is accomplished using appropriate hanging containers. The procedure follows.Drill large holes in the container base, and hang the container in the desired location.Flip over the container with the base on top, and gently insert the roots of the plant inside the holesFlip it over again, and fill the container with potting soil that contains compost to cover the roots, and pat down the soil.Pour water gently to dampen the soil.The readymade upside down tomato planters have small varieties that can hold one plant, and the big varieties can hold multiple plants. Most of them stand five feet in height. They are great to grow tomatoes without rotting. And pests are almost away from reaching the plants in the containers. Watering regularly is essential for the healthy growth of tomatoes.

Tomato Garden – Ornate the Patio

While thinking of how to grow tomatoes in the balcony or patio, you can try cages while growing them upright to facilitate vertical growth of the plant without spreading out. Upside down planters are great to create a tomato garden in the patios and balconies, and can be kept outside as well. These cages and planters act as supports to the plants in facilitating proper growth and to prevent them from rotting. To facilitate the growth of healthy tomatoes, water the plants regularly, and do regular fertilizing, mulching and pruning. Protect using chicken wires to protect them from the indoor pests.

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