Tomato Trellis – Structures to Support the Growth of Tomatoes

Trellises are widely used in gardens to facilitate the vertical growth of climber plants, like tomatoes and cucumbers. In addition to preventing damages caused by insects, worms and soil, you can ensure the growth of larger, healthy tomatoes.

Tomato Trellis – Supporters for the Climbers

Growing tomatoes in the ground and without tomato cages or planters for support will hamper the healthy growth of the fruits. Tomato trellises are widely used to raise the plants off the ground and to help grow less blemished tomatoes. These are better than using stakes. They usually comprise of metallic or wooden frames, and the open areas and gaps in between the frames provide support for the climber tomato plants to spread through. The plants will grow upright, and with extensive support from the tomato trellis, they are prevented from damages caused by heavy winds. As the plants are left to grow independently without hampering them or tying them, the delicate stems are left unhurt.The tomato trellises can be made at home, or any tall stands or frames can be used that have holes for the stems to pass through. Apart from that, the trellis makes your job easier to pluck the ripe tomatoes, or to prune the leaves, or to spray insecticides.However on the flipside, the number of tomatoes will be reduced while using trellis to grow tomatoes, than letting them grow freely. But you can have large, healthy tomatoes, with no bruises and less insect infestations.

Tomato Tree – Half Woody Plants for Tree Tomatoes

Although tree tomatoes look like ordinary tomatoes, they are different and are native to the mountains in Chile and Peru. In addition, they are commercially grown in California. The tree tomatoes belong to the species, Cyphomandra, and are commercially popularized in New Zealand as tamarillos. These tomato trees are half woody and fast growing with shallow roots. The maximum height reached is 18 feet, and in rare cases, the tomato trees reach upto 25 feet. The leaves take heart shapes, and have a musky odor. The skin of the tree tomato is tough, and the outer layer is firm. The inner pulpy part surrounding the seeds is juicy, and these tomatoes are eaten alongside sugar, or pureed to make refreshing drinks.

Tomato Plants for Sale – Online Stores

Tomatoes are usually grown with seeds or seedlings. Tomato plants and seeds can be bought from the various home stores or purchased online and pick the varieties you are looking for. Famous garden seed manufacturers and tomato growers offer tomato plants for sale through online purchase options facilitated through their respective websites. Buying readymade tomato plants facilitates easy growing of tomatoes when the season is near. Through buying tomato plants online, you can fine the best online marketer, and in addition you get to read some customer reviews, and based on that you can find the type of tomato appropriate for the prevalent climate in your area, and follow the growing tips suggested by the customers, if any, that might be helpful in enhancing the growth of the plants.

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