Trellis Design – Embellishing Your Gardens and Yards

Trellis is nothing but a patterned frame built with interwoven wood, bamboos or metals and kept in an outdoor area to perform the dual role of a support structure for creepers and as a partition for privacy or a fence.

Trellis Design – Eye Catchy Styles

Trellis styles range from simple wall arches for small gardens to complicated three dimensional creations, which are suitable for sprawling yards. The material can be either be wrought iron or wood but copper and vinyl are in fashion. Some trellises can support creepers while others come with foot boxes where flower beds and other plants can be grown on clay. There are various different sizes and shapes of trellises available for garden decor. Square, arch, rectangle and even stylist circular trellises are much in vogue these days. You can either buy the frame directly from a home decor store or built one easily at home. But before selecting a trellis design you will have to make sure that the structure does not look incongruous in your yard. For instance if you have a traditional garden consider purchasing an arch trellis. While shopping always keep in mind the size of your garden as a large trellis design in a small garden will surely look absurd.

Trellis Ideas – Frame Selection

Wood is considered as the most reliable substance for trellis and this is why most botanists prefer wood over iron or vinyl. Remember to discuss your trellis ideas with your gardener and get recommendations on perfect wood specimens, which can provide a sound structure to support the plants. This means you will have to show prudence while selecting wood. Pressure-treated, durable wood are favourites for construction of the frame. Moreover you must use sealants to beat weather induced damages at intervals of two to three years. Leaving it untended outdoors can mar its beauty completely. While procuring the wood ensure that the wood has not been treated with chemicals, which will destroy your plants. Bamboos streaks, copper or brass frames are also sometimes used to make trellises. You can salvage several trellis ideas from the internet including step by step guidance of building the structure at home.

Trellis Garden – Perfect Creepers

Colorful and attractive flower plants, ferns and various types of nondescript creepers are used in a trellis garden. If you are using a trellis to support a fence or you have a trellis that embellish your garden entrance, then you can use colourful climber rose plants, which will brighten up the fringes of your garden in an array of colors. Many a times frames are also used to partition private enclosers in an open yard. Such frames can be decorated with ferns, poppies, yellow jasmine, Ipomea candy king and clemantis glory, etc. Vegetable like sweet peas and butternut squash grow wonderfully in wood frames.

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