Urban Gardening – Feasible Plant Growing Options for City Dwellers

Urban gardening brings along with it the benefits of organic and fresh food supply, aesthetics and environmental activism. There are many techniques and technologies which are available to make this craft a reality.

Urban Gardening – Incorporating Luxury in City Living

Engaging in urban gardening is considered a luxury by most since it still uses up precious and pricey space. To work with this constraint, gardeners have resorted to hydroponics, rooftop gardens and containers. Plots are also shared among urbanites to form community gardens. People are also into green roofing projects, rainwater catchment and urban barrel projects. Studies are also conducted on how to increase food production in a very limited space. Urban gardening is also viewed as a therapeutic way to de-stress without having to leave the city. It can also differ across various climates, culture and the shape of the plot. Plants for such a garden can be grown outdoors or indoors.

Urban Gardener – Changing Simple Spaces

A skilled urban gardener can transform simple spaces and artless concrete into beautiful landscapes. But this doesn’t stop beginners and enthusiasts from learning the craft. Most often, an urban gardener uses perennials, annuals, vegetables and herbs to incorporate natural décor to any abode. In very limited spaces, a window box may suffice. Even herbal plants give off flowers which attract butterflies and can be dried to make spices or bouquets. For healthy vegetation, gardeners should be familiar with the characteristics of plants that are grown. More importantly, they should know what requirements it needs, such as soil type, drainage, sunlight, water and fertilizers. It is also worthwhile that enthusiasts exchange wisdom and tips regarding growing and maintenance of particular plants.

Urban Gardens – Inviting the Outdoors

There are many ways of achieving urban gardens with however large or small a space one has. Planters have shapes that go well with various environments like patios, decks or even windows and walls. For the latter, there are planters with suctions with them so that they hold on to glass walls. Having urban gardens can improve the look of structures such as walkways, driveways or entryways. They can also be trained along trellises or pergolas to provide shade, privacy or backdrop. Abodes which have glass walls and floor to ceiling windows invite the green outdoors in and provide a laid-back and relaxing atmosphere.

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