Vegetable Planter – Suitable Containers for Your Leafy Greens

Planters are ideal for raising different types of vegetables in places with limited lot space. Vegetables can achieve their full potential without requiring a huge garden to grow in.

Vegetable Planter – Outdoor and Indoor Gardening Solution

Planters enable people living in high rise buildings or urban areas to grow fresh vegetables. Apart from being compact and convenient, the vegetable planter likewise allows the gardener to control the weeds easily; spreading is not possible since the container is separate from the others. The planters in the market are available in different sizes and designs, made out of wood, plastic and other recyclable materials; most of which can be used as ornamental containers while there are those that can be washed and folded when not in use. These planters that come with fertilizers and germination covers for added convenience; for small spaces having a stacker vegetable planter allows the owner to grow several plants without worrying about where to line the containers.

Potato Planter – Harvesting Year-round Supply

Leafy greens and root crops can be grown even within the spare space inside or outside the house. There are planters that are designed for growing root crops; these are deep enough to give room for the roots to grow healthy and yield more produce. Having a potato planter allows the user to ensure that the right soil is placed in the container, one with 5 to 6 pH level and is properly drained; this is advantageous for those living in areas with soil quality unsuitable for growing potatoes. There are planters with side openings that allow access to harvest the potatoes. For those with limited budget, there are grow bags which are cheaper and provides the same functionality as expensive ones, they could also use old tires. The potato planter allows the gardeners to easily relocate the crop inside the house when the winter season sets in or when summer gets too intense, thus allowing crops to grow year round.

Turvy Tomato Planter – Going Upside Down

Homeowners can grow tomatoes in areas that can accommodate a hanging container, a tree, deck or patio. The turvy tomato planter is a variation from ordinary planters that are placed on the ground; the plant is grown upside down on a planter that is attached to a hook just like a hanging ornamental plant container. In this set-up there is no need for weeding, caging and staking. Rodents and small animals will not be a problem when tomatoes are planted in a turvy planter unlike having them grown on the ground. Cutworms, bacteria, fungus, rotting of the ground and other pests are likewise eliminated, allowing the tomato to grow in full bloom and yield more produce.

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