Victorian Gardens – Unveil the Beauty of the Victorian Era in Your Yards

To attract small birds, people in Victorian era used bird baths and birdhouses in their gardens. Oriental style decorations were often used in gardens of this era.

Victorian Gardens – Elegance and Ornamentation Personified

During the mid and late 1800s, gardening became a craft in the hands of Victorians. England saw a flourishing or ornamental gardening in that era. Victorian gardens were adorned with several objects like fencing, marble statues and fountains. These gardens were mostly seen around the houses of the aristocratic lot of contemporary society. Victorian gardens were often seen surrounded by ornamental fencing. In majority of the instances, wrought iron fencing was used in these gardens. However, people with modest budgets also used wooden fencing. Shrubs were grown along the fences to beautify the region. Elaborate metal and wooden furniture was used in such gardens. Plants that were seen mostly in Victorian era gardens are Wisteria, Ivy, Honeysuckle, dahlia etc. Small to midsized fruit trees were used in these gardens for shading. At times, the garden owners made sitting arrangements beneath the bigger trees in their gardens.

Victorian Flower Garden – Beauty is the Motto

In Victorian era, gardens usually did not have large sized trees. Victorians preferred decorating their gardens with small flower plants with a few selected fruit plants. Roses were used in abundance in a typical Victorian flower garden. They were fond of using flower trees that grow like shrubs and have lots of foliage. Victorians loved flowers with bright hues and aroma and these factors affected their choice of plants in gardens. Victorian flower garden usually had lilies of various genres. Other flowers like lavender, daffodil and tulips were also used. Victorians believed in designing their gardens in an elegant way and hence the flower plants were usually spread in a garden in symmetrical patterns. They were also careful about keeping unwanted trees and grass at bay that could spoil the look of their gardens. Gardeners were appointed in these flower gardens to keep shrubs and small trees in perfect shape.

Victorian Kitchen Garden – Harvest Round the Year

The gardeners belonging to Victorian era had to work really hard to grow crops all over the year. The Victorian houses that had a garden usually had a large number of family members and producing enough harvest for them was quite challenging for gardeners. A Victorian kitchen garden usually had some popular vegetable and fruit plants including Raspberry, Gooseberry, and Redcurrant etc. Whitecurrants and Redcurrants were mostly used in making jelly and pie. Interestingly, Victorians made use of domestic cats to scare away the birds that came to the garden. Naturally, Victorians harvested those vegetables in their gardens that are suited to cold climate.

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