Chicken Salad Nutrition – Protein-rich Tossed Food Mixtures

Chicken Salad owes its origins to China but the healthier form was made in Wakefield, USA around 1863. The homemakers can use leftovers chicken to prepare this dish as well.

Chicken Salad Nutrition – Tasty and Healthy Dish

Chicken salad used in lunch and breakfast in many places is a healthy dish that offers great nutritional benefits as well. It can be bought in some of the fast food chains and restaurants, though homemakers can prepare it at home easily. The main components that contribute to chicken salad nutrition benefits are celery, onion and chicken breast. To increase the taste quotients some people add spices like turmeric, mustard seeds and ingredients like pepper. These spices also act as good antioxidants and help the persons consuming the dish to fight off damaging free radicals. The people who want to obtain chicken salad nutrition benefits should refrain from using ingredients like excess Mayonnaise. The store bought salad may also contain artificial preservatives and flavors, which may lessen its nutritional value. Both the adults and kids can consume chicken salad but the kids should ideally be given half-size serving.

Chicken Salad Calories – Worth Keeping Count

Chicken Salad is a nutritional food but it is also rich in Calories. Therefore, people should take it in moderation. People willing to learn about chicken salad calories can check the medical websites for details but on an average a serving contains about 158 calories. This amounts to 8 percent of the total calorie intake of a grown up man. However, the Chicken Salad servings sold at fast food chains may contain 200 calories per serving or even more. Those who love this dish but are worried about chicken salad calories can resort to using only chicken breast meat for making the dish. They should also refrain from using egg in the salad. Fat free variants of mayonnaise can be added and red onion and celery are also welcome addition. Instead of adding many spices people can add dried cranberries and sliced grapes. Those who need to consume more calories can add walnuts and peanuts to it.

Chicken Salad Facts – Useful Info

The nutritional value of Chicken salad depends on the way it is prepared. Those who want to consume this dish for healthier eating should get the chicken salad facts right. The dish can be used even as appetizer and entree. The vegetables and fruits used with it can be varied as per the taste and cuisine type. Those who are fond of Mexican type food can add lettuce, grilled corn as well as tortilla strips to this dish and enhance the taste. Chicken tastes great with a lot of spices and vegetables used in the kitchen and this versatility makes things easier for the users.

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