Porridge Diet – An Ideal Dieting Solution for Overeating

One of the most effective means to solve problems on weight gain is by eating porridge. It has been popular as a dietary staple all over numerous cultures because of its affordability, versatility, and health benefits.

Porridge Diet – An Overview on the Facts

Porridge is basically a cooked cereal grain that is traditionally served to nurse sick people, and to condition training athletes for their respective events. It is generally quite different from cold cereal mainly in terms of water content as well as serving temperature. Unlike oatmeal and wheat creams which are commonly used as classic representatives for hot cereals usually served along with milk, brown sugar, or fruits; porridge diet does not have to be necessarily restricted to morning dishes since it can be consumed all throughout the day as a kind of nutritious dietary food. Besides, it is not merely a means for weight loss, but can be an excellent source of high-fiber complex carbohydrates as well.

Porridge Calories – Low and High Contents

According to the nutritive tables of USDA, the low-calorie porridge meal composed of a single cup of water-cooked oatmeal already has a 159 porridge calories and 3.18 grams of fat. Because of its high water contents, calorie and hunger are controlled just as a single tablespoon of almonds does. Nonetheless, its restrictive diet shows that only a half-cup of oatmeal serving has to be consumed for every meal that is accompanied with vegetables, fruits, as well as lean meat. Meals with high porridge calories, on the other hand, may include a combination of various nutrient-dense toppings such as nuts, honey, seeds, molasses, yogurt, raisins, wheat germ, figs, and dried cranberries for weight gain purposes. Adding milk instead of water can then further boost the calorie contents at the same time provide other essential nutrients such as vitamin D and calcium.

Bowl of Porridge – Health Benefits

Since a bowl of porridge is already rich in proteins, it is therefore beneficial in terms of effective muscle growth. Moreover, the serving can also be helpful in maintaining one’s digestive health since it is high in fiber. Besides, it generally contains less cholesterol which means that it could not lead to any kind of heart disease. In addition to that, a bowl of porridge can be another option for either weight gain or weight loss undertakings. Finally, when different grains, honey, or milk are added into the porridge, one can readily avail various health benefits that the supplements offer. For instance, oatmeal is great for cholesterol regulation, controlled glucose as well as insulin levels, weight loss, and in the improvement of athletic performance; thus, making the simple porridge into even more nutritious food.

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