Tuna Diet – Alternative Lose Weight Diet for the Non Vegetarians

Individuals who wish to stay healthy without out giving up tasty meals can go on a tuna diet. Aside from its nutritional benefits, tuna can easily be combined with vegetables for a filling salad or a sandwich meal.

Tuna Diet – Combines Low Crab and High Protein

Men and women who wish to lose weight immediately can try the reliable tuna diet. The eating plan combines low carb and high protein food intake. It’s a quick way to get rig of unwanted fats from the body. The tuna diet is very common among fitness buffs who want to be free from unwanted pounds in order to achieve their ideal weight. The daily menu is very simple. The breakfast meal is composed of half serving of fruit or juice drink, plain toast or with peanut butter, black coffee or tea. For lunch it’s a slice of bread or toast with half cup tuna, plus coffee or tea. And for dinner tuna or 3 oz of meat without the fat, a cup of carrots and a cup of green beans with a cup of vanilla ice cream and an apple for desert. Follow the menu for the next two days.

Tuna Fish Salad – Filling Lunch or Dinner Meal

A healthy alternative to full lunch or dinner meal is a tuna fish salad sandwich. Also a regular side dish, it is easy to prepare and is packed with vitamins and nutrients. The fish can be pre-cooked or canned and preserved in water or oil. Tuna fish salad is very versatile because the main ingredient mixes well with spices and vegetables. The most common preparation combines tuna with tomatoes, olives, carrots, basil, garlic pods, spices and dressing. Another tangy recipe mixes tuna with onions, mushroom, jalapeno and tomatoes. The mixture is spread evenly on what bread. For a gourmet meal, mix tuna with olives, almonds, capers sour cream, and mayonnaise and Worcestershire sauce.

Low Carb Tuna – Tasty Meals and Snacks

Fitness buffs and diabetics can still enjoy tasty dishes with low crab tuna. For a healthy snack prepare tuna dip by mixing three-fourths cup Italian style salad dressing, with half cup sour cream, one teaspoon liquid smoke flavouring and one can drained tuna, chill and serve with cracker after an hour. For a low crab tuna lunch, prepare this simple tuna melt recipe. Combine tune with onion celery and mayonnaise, ketchup and pickles. Add salt and pepper. Line the cookie sheet with wheat bread, top with tuna mixture and remove from oven after five minutes. Top with cheese. And bake two minutes longer, bake for two more minutes and then serve.

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