Aromatherapy Recipes – Techniques of Using Essential Oils to Relieve Stress

Aromatherapy is simply the medicinal use of aromatic essential oils derived from plants to enhance the well being of the body as well as the mind. These oils can be used while taking bath, or massaged onto the body for the best results.

Aromatherapy Recipes – for Homes and Hospitals

Aromatherapy recipes are gaining world wide acceptance as a means to use fragrances for improving mood and promoting health. There are different recipes for the hair, skin, face, body and even for the mind for stress relief. The various aromatherapy recipes are aimed at providing holistic healing in an ongoing treatment procedure or putting in place preventive mechanisms. Most ancient civilizations used some form of this technology to cater for various ailments, but it is with modern scientific research that a whole stream of therapeutic use of fragrances from plant derivatives to cure physical and mental disorders has now emerged. These fragrances can be exuded through lotions or inhalants.

Essential Oil Recipes- for Holistic Well Being

Essential oils recipes are available for holistic health care that can be used in almost all parts of the body, as well as for relief from stress related disorders. There are essential oils that can play a part in improving the emotional characteristics and develop inner clam, if used regularly over a period of time. Essential oil recipes combine the use of essential oils, absolutes, resinoids and concretes to create fragrances that stimulate the desired cells and nerves that help in the therapy for which they are intended. Extraction of these ingredients is by steam distillation, cold pressing, fat absorption and chemicals.

Anise Oil – for Culinary and Medicinal uses

Anise oil is extracted from a annual aromatic herb of the parsley family found in the Mediterranean region and in Egypt. The aroma from the herb which accompanies its oil has been traditionally used to flavor dishes, drinks, and candies in the Western cultures. The anise oil is also considered by many as the secret constituent of many great liquor brands. However, it also finds extensive usage in the field of medicine for relief from menstrual cramps, as well as prevention of formation of gas in the digestive system. The oil extracted from the seeds of anise, has now found a wide range of applications in modern aromatic therapies.

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