Coconut Oil for Skin – Keep Dryness and Skin Diseases at Bay

From time immemorial, coconut oil has been a useful item in the household, which is not only used in cooking, but also used as a balm to assuage pain in the skin and hair scalp.

Coconut Oil for Skin – As Moisturizer and Ointment

One of the convenient and easy ways to fight flaking of skin during winters is to apply coconut oil in the affected area. From children to adults, anyone can use coconut oil for skin dryness. Regular use of this beneficial oil can prevent or delay aging, and sagging or wrinkling of skin. As our skin is made of connective tissue, it is subjected to wear and tear by free radicals. Coconut oil for skin treatment has become immensely successful as the oil prevents free radicals from destroying the skin fibers. As coconut oil is a strong antioxidant, it protects the skin from getting hard and rough. No wonder the oil is used as a moisturizer, lotion, soap, and massage oil.

Coconut Oil for Hair Growth – for Long and Strong Tresses

Hair needs daily massaging of coconut oil to allow it to have a shiny touch. Coconut oil has always been the best medicine for healthy curls and long tresses. Hair stylists often point out that there are many benefits of applying coconut oil for hair growth. As coconut oil is an anti fungal and anti bacterial lubricant, it can help the hair remain strong and germ-free. Massaging coconut oil for hair growth works wonders for managing long locks as the oil acts as a suitable conditioner for the hair.

Coconut Benefits – Safe, Healthy and Inexpensive

Affordable and easily available over-the-counter, coconut oil is popularly used by womenfolk and children. It helps to relieve stress and fatigue, boost metabolic rate and thyroid function, and heal wounds and bruises quickly. Eating coconut benefits users from anti-microbial attacks, especially those attacking hair and skin. Today, coconut oil is used rampantly to heal influenza, Herpes, and cytomegalovirus. Using coconut daily in the diet helps to reduce unwanted fat. From preventing of bad diseases to the boosting metabolism, coconut and its oil have quite a number of useful properties.

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