Garlic Side Effects – The Apparent Fallouts from Smell and Consumption

Garlic side effects are quite irritating and nagging. However unless garlic is over consumed none of these side effects are felt, still it is worth knowing these menaces to be safer side of garlic use in cooking.

Garlic Side Effects – Know the Facts

Mostly we know about garlic and its unique health benefits. But as every good thing has some negative effect on its misuse or over dose, so is of garlic and its negative effects. Like its health benefits, garlic over consumption may induce some potential health hazards and these health disorders are called garlic side effects. However, these side effects are not acutely felt in every individual who has ever consumed garlic, especially, some of the side effects are almost non-tangible and homemakers should know these recurring problems due to garlic adverse impact. Some of the commonest garlic side effects areirritating body odorindigestionheartburnburning mouth issueflatulencenauseavomitingDiarrheaIt has been observed that these side effects are observed on consumption of raw garlic. In case often consumers are suggested to consult doctor for taking quality garlic supplements.

Garlic Smell – Strong and Stubborn

Garlic plant is known for its strong odor. This garlic smell is due to its essential oils and terpentenes in the bulb. Garlic oil has sulfur content which stands responsible for its strong aroma. Garlic digestion takes time and its residue retains for a long hours and that is why smell of garlic will retain for a long hours. One of the side effects of garlic is its strong aroma; however, if roasted garlic, garlic powder, fried garlic, garlic mince can be used instead of raw garlic, bad odor effect of garlic can be somehow minimized. If garlic based foods are cooked in stainless steel made utensil, it is claimed that its odor somehow get neutralized. One of the easy ways to remove garlic smell from hand is to rub raw lemon juice in hand; washing hands with lemon smelled soapy water also help removal of garlic aroma from kitchen and utensils.

Garlic Allergy – Irritating Side Effect

One of the stubborn side effects of garlic is garlic allergy. Garlic allergic people suffer from different external and internal health disorder on consumption of garlic. As there is no definite cure of this allergy, precaution and strong elimination of garlic from consumption is the only way to get rid off this problem. Common symptoms of the allergy are like Itchy skin Diarrhea Shortness in breath Nausea Vomiting Wheezing Blocked nose. Allergy test and RAST blood test are the common ways for detection of garlic allergy. Apart from avoidance of garlic in food, regular intake of antihistamine group of medicine eliminates the discomfort of garlic allergies.

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