Holidays to Goa – Perfect Vacationing in India Amidst the Portuguese Architecture and Beaches

The Emerald Land of India, Goa ranks amongst the hottest tourist places in the world. Situated at the lush green coastal belt of Konkan, towards the western cost of India, this beach beauty is the perfect vacationing destination combined with adventure, romance, and luxury beyond imagination.

Holidays to Goa – a 360 Degree Vacation

Squeezed between 18 and more sensual beaches and great expanses of equatorial forest Goa has something for everyone. From adventourous water sports, monumental and historic sight seeing to crazy beach parties and a colourful nightlife, holidays to Goa can be your vacation paradise. A Portuguese colony till 1961 and subject to the Mogul rule for a considerable era, Goa is a perfect blend of Portuguese, Mogul and Indian culture. The magnificent Portuguese architecture, visible from the pure white marble floors studded with semi- precious stones at the world heritage sight of Bom Jesus Basilica and various other churches leave the viewer stunned. The ancient villages and housing structure with central stairs leading to verandhas, inward curved glass windows glazed with oyster shells, and a central courtyard, give the glimpse of the portugese and mono- corinthian architecture.With various options for the vegans, goan cusine is the heaven for non-vegetarians especially sea food lovers. The sunkissed beaches of Goa with its breath taking scenic beauty brings out the romantic in you. The numerous water sports provided at the famous Dona Paula beach and the fresh water springs and photogenic Portuguese fort of Vagator are just the few attractions out of the never ending list. The luxurious cruises around the beaches and trance parties carried on till the wee hours of night make holidays to Goa an irresistible experience. Goa being a libertarian state alcohol and cocktail drinks overflow through its streets. You can find a bottle of chilled beer anytime from the corner shop and sit back and relax at the peaceful beaches freely open for the tourist. Due to the strict legal codes of the state against drunken driving and drugs, Goa is also a safe destination for party animals.

Cheap Flights to Goa – a Budgeted Vacation

Proudly known as the Rome of East, Goa attracts on an average 2.5 million tourists each year. The government of India in collaboration with the private sector strive to provide easy accsess to this state. Thus you can find various airlines offering cheap flights to Goa.Book your airtickets to the Dabolim International airport, Vasco online and well in advance and you would be suprised by the numerous cheap offers and discounts avilable. Go for an off-season vacation and avail a subsidised airfare. Also if you are willing to go for the All Inclusive tourist packages and Goan Deals provided by the tour operators and agents, then you can save a lot of money on airfare and other expenses. Come down to this paradise witth your whole family and avail bulk discounts and cheap flights to Goa offered by major airlines.

Weather in Goa – a Maritime Affair

The Arabian sea towards its west and coastal belt of Konkan gives rise to a maritime climatic condition in Goa, The weather in Goa is blessed with the tri-seasons Summer, Monsoon and Winter.Mid March welcomes the hot and humid summer which remains till June. The summer temperature can rise upto 35 degree celcius and the afternoons are especially harsh during this period. The locals take a break from their daily work known as ‘Siesta”, by closing down the shops and staying inside their home from 1.00 pm to 4.00 pm to hide from the scorching afternoon heat.Subject to heavy rainfall from, June to early September which goes up to 3500 mm, monsoon in Goa is not advisable for tourists. The sea tends to be wild and the transportation ceases due to heavy rainfall. The winter which starts from late September and continues till the early march is the perfect season for tourism. On an average the winter temperature is 18 degree celcius which is both dry and cool. October to February is the buzzing tourist season, ideal for the beach lovers as the sea is calm and the breeze is pleasant.

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