Iran Tourism – Travel to the Historically Rich Country

Iran’s magnificent history and culture continues to amaze visitors from different parts of the world. Aside from the famous sites, tourists can delight in their unique handicrafts and exotic dishes.

Iran Tourism – Ancient Structures and Gourmet Fare

A visit to the world heritage sites, museums and mosques are just some of the many attractions of Iran tourism. Visitors will enjoy a grand sight-seeing tour of ancient structures like the Persepolis while learning about its contribution to human civilization. The wonders of Iran tourism can be experienced in the scenic Harra mangroves, Alborz Mountains and even while sipping saffron tea at Hafiz garden. Tourists can also look forward to the exotic Persian cuisine like the popular kebab, minced meat with grilled tomatoes served with rice or bread or the fesenjān, meat stew with pomegranate juice, walnuts, aubergine and cardamom. Souvenir shopping is just as fun as Iran is famous for Persian carpets and unique handicrafts like hand-painted glassware and ceramics, pottery and jewelry.

Travel to Iran – Tours for Special Interest Groups

There are many tour packages for those who wish to travel to Iran. If sight-seeing is on the top of the list then visitors can join the special tours to Pars or Persopolis. Special interest groups also travel to Iran in pursuit of a new adventure. Some ride camels and join a caravan for an exciting desert tour, while sports enthusiasts can gear up for Iran’s extreme skiing tour. Those who prefer to relax in a tranquil paradise island can join the Kish Island tour. A special tour for shoppers can also be organized where tourists can visit the Silk Road traders plus the chance to haggle over a Persian rug in a Tehran bazaar.

Visit Iran – Poetry and Old World Charm

There are many destinations to explore when you visit Iran. Tourist can go sightseeing in Shiraz, Tehran and Yazd. Shiraz is the home of great poets Hafez and Sa’di. Their mausoleums are always filled with young poets reading verses from their poems. Include a trip to the city capital of Tehran when you visit Iran. Almost all industrial products are manufactured in Tehran. It is also the best place to buy the world famous Persian carpets. For a taste of the old town Iran find time to drop by Yazd. The center of Zoroastrian culture, visitors can relax in the park or have a leisurely walk around the historical neighborhood. Travellers can hike up the mountains for a spectacular city view or chill out and meet new friends at the town cafes. Iran certainly holds so many surprises for everyone.

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