Tibet Tour – A Journey to the Roof of the World

Despite the strong Chinese interference on tourism, Tibet continues to be the magical Himalayan destination for tourists. Lhasa and Jokhang in particular retain the spiritual ambience of the plateau.

Tibet Tour – Escape into the Lap of Himalayas

Tibet, an eminent plateau region in Asia is known for its religious heritage and Buddhist culture that attracts millions of visitors all over the world. Due to its elevated position, Tibet is referred as ‘roof of the world’. It is 16,000 ft above the sea level. Tibet tour can prove to be an out of the world experience for the travelers, the political struggle and turmoil affecting it notwithstanding. Its weather is similar to that of China with chilly weather prevailing even in summer months. It is surrounded by Asian countries like China, India and Nepal. Tibet is replete with holy lakes, prairies, mountain ranges with snow laden peaks and a number of places of great religious importance. The Tibetan monasteries which attract thousands of followers of Buddhism also form a part of Tibet tour. A vacation in Tibet cannot be complete without paying a visit to the Potala Palace, a grand monumental structure. It captivates the visitors with rich carvings, figures of Lord Buddha as well as brilliant mural paintings. The Palace is situated at the Moburi Mountain.

Tibet Travel – Explore the Religious Destinations

The highest peak in planet earth, Mount Everest is in the borderline of Tibet. It is a major tourist puller and the adventurous travelers resort to trekking as well as mountaineering activities. The tourists opting for Tibet travel should visit Jokhang Monastery. It is located at the heart old Lhasa. The monastery was made in 647 AD. It is liked by the visitors for its awesome murals and grandiose architecture. The Namtso lake soothes the mind of the travelers tired with the chaos of city life. It is of great importance to the Tibetans and the word Namtso denotes sacred in Tibetan. As a matter of fact, this is China’s second biggest salt lake. The pilgrims visiting Tibet should not miss Mt Kailash Lake Mansarovar. This is the world’s highest fresh water lake. Its crystal water and awesome scenic beauty lures many visitors. Tibet travel is a spiritual journey for the religious minded lot. The visit to the monasteries in the plateau can give glimpses into the rich religious past of Tibet.

Tibet Tourism – Change Creeping in Swiftly

The landscape and awesome natural beauty of Tibet remains unscathed despite the power struggle with China. However, Tibet is undergoing unprecedented changes in recent times mainly owing to a boom in the tourism industry. Tibet tourism is being affected largely by a rail link with China. Lhasa and other small towns in the Tibetan Plateau are getting affected by modernization. Gyantse is a town in Tibet that has still not been affected much by the invasion of Chinese tourism. The Gyantse Dzong is a major attraction in the city. It also holds an archery and horse racing festival in June, which can be a refreshing change for the visitors.

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