Types of Allergies – How Foreign Substances Turn Allergic

Allergies vary in types and there are different kinds of reactions which evolve out of them. They can be prevented through proper care, medicinal treatment and diet control.

Types Of Allergies – the Most Common Ones

When the immune system of a human body reacts in a hypersensitive way to certain substances, allergies may occur. The various substances which have a tendency to cause allergies are also known as allergens. There are various types of allergies which can occur in the human body system. According to medical experts, the variety of allergies that occur results in different kinds of symptoms as well. Allergic rhinitis or hay fever is one such allergic syndrome which is caused by the effect of pollen grains. It can be classified into two categories namely seasonal and perennial. During the course of this fever, dark circles may develop under the eyes followed by headaches, sebleeding and severe convulsions. Another very common form of allergies which is witnessed in the human beings is related to food intake. The impact of food allergies differs from one individual to the other. Some of the most common types of allergies are related to items like eggs, milk, shellfish, soy, wheat etc.

Indoor Allergies – Causes And Prevention

Among the various types of allergies, indoor allergies are also experienced by individuals within the surroundings of the home environment. If the houses are not maintained or cleaned properly, there is a high chance that various kinds of allergens may develop in the surrounding areas. Some of these allergens can be dust, mold parts or cat or dog hair which stay in the houses. If the allergens affect the immune system, various kinds of symptoms like nausea, headache and fever may occur. However, indoor allergies can be kept in check by keeping the homes clean with weekly vacuum cleaning or pest control tactics.

Allergic Skin Reactions – Discover Their Variety

When allergies occur in human bodies, they are often followed by skin reactions. According to medical experts, there are various types of allergic skin reactions which can affect the immune system of the humans. Contact dermatitis, eczema and urticaria are some of the common one to be experienced. In most of the skin reactions cases, reactions occur with rashes, itching, scaling followed by symptoms like headache, fever or even indigestion. In order to treat the various cases properly, expert dermatologists should be consulted by the patients

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