Arthritis in Fingers – Methods of Easing the Pain

Pain, numbness, swelling and stiffness are signs of arthritis. Damage and deterioration of cartilage in joints can trigger arthritis in fingers; early diagnosis and treatment are necessary to improve condition and repair damages.

Arthritis in Fingers – Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

Osteoarthritis is the common case of arthritis in fingers. It affects the knuckles found at the base of the middle finger and the joint of the thumb’s base. Apart from osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis also known as RA can also occur in fingers, affecting joints in the knuckles found at the base of the fingers. Formation of nodes and lumps accompanied by pain are symptoms of arthritis in fingers. It is best to seek a doctor for diagnosis of the condition and be given the necessary treatment. Doctors may recommend medication, supplements, injection, therapy or splint for the fingers but there are cases that would need a surgery to treat the condition.

Finger Joint Pain – Causes and Relief

Like every part of the body, the fingers must be taken care of to avoid deterioration and unwanted conditions or diseases affecting them. Too much use of the fingers can lead to the wearing out of joint cartilage triggering pain. According to medical experts, finger joint pain can be caused by overuse, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger and trauma. Pain relief for the said condition differs depending upon the condition. Ice therapy is a good remedy for alleviating inflammation while splint and therapy can be recommended to improve condition. For severe cases of finger joint pain, the patient has to undergo surgery.

Thumb Arthritis

Difficulty in turning a knob, turning keys and snapping should not be taken for granted; such difficulties could be symptoms of an underlying condition called thumb arthritis. Also known as basal arthritis, the problem occurs when osteoarthritis finds its way at the joint found at the base of the thumb and the wrist. Several tests like X-ray and physical examination are conducted to diagnose if the patient is suffering from basal arthritis. It is important to have the hand checked early on since severe cases would result to surgical procedures. Early cases can still be remedied through splint, therapy, medication or the injection of corticosteroid.

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