Fingernail Problems – Common Bacterial and Fungal Infections

The finger nails are prone to a variety of diseases due to infections and some external factors. Though most of these illnesses are harmless, some may lead to serious problems such as chronic disorders, destruction of the nail, etc. So it is essential to treat nail problems in advance.

Fingernail Problems – The Causes

Lack of nutrition, unhygienic habits and inappropriate nail care are the reasons for fingernail problems. These are also due to harsh chemicals and soaps. Fragile or brittle nail is one of the common problems of finger nail. Lack of water, fat, extreme use of nail polish removers, dipping the fingers in chemicals for a long time, etc., are the reasons for the nail problem. These may also lead to the dehydration of nails and due to this, the fragile nail breaks easily. Discoloured nails, fungal infection, spoon nails, etc., are the other fingernail problems. While blood clotting, leukonychia and nail infections lead to discoloured nails, malnutrition, iron deficiency and trauma are the reasons for spoon nails.

Fingernail Infection – Overview

Paronychia or infection on the edge of finger or toenail is a common problem which is caused by skin bacteria. The skin around the nails damages due to various traumas like chemical irritation, dishwashing, finger sucking, and nail biting. The bacteria enter the nail through these traumas and it leads to fingernail infection. Fungus is the other cause of this nail problem. The major symptoms are swelling and redness around the nail. If the infection is severe, pus may form under the skin. This condition is called abscess and the colour of the nail may turn yellow-green. Tenderness, pain, fever, etc., are the other symptoms of fingernail infection. If the infection is mild, treat it at home. Soak your fingers in a mixture of equal amounts of warm water and liquid anti bacterial soap. If the symptoms are severe, immediate medical attention is essential.

Fingernail Treatment – Remedial Measures

You can go for some home remedies for treating fingernail diseases. Fragile nail can be prevented by using gloves when you work with harsh chemicals, soaps and water. Fingernail treatment also includes the application of cream or lotion on the nail. You should also reduce the usage of chemicals such as nail polish removers, nail varnishes, false nail adhesives, harsh detergents, etc. It is also important to avoid problems such as mental stress, genetic aging, sickness, use of alcohol, viral infection, poor diet, etc., because these are the psychological factors which lead to finger nail disease. Exposing the nail to the sunlight directly is very effective to kill fungi. Take equal quantities of hydrogen peroxide and vinegar and soak the nails up to 45 minutes in it. You can also use olive oil and lavender oil for fingernail treatment.

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