Knee Specialist – Providing a Comprehensive Approach Towards Curing Your Knee Problems

When knees hurt or when they sustain injuries, tears or damages, a knee specialist carries out a diagnosis, performs the appropriate procedure, makes the prognosis and recommends rehabilitation if necessary.

Knee Specialist – Prerequisites in Becoming a Specialist

knee specialist specializes in the treatment of knee-related problems. These include arthroscopic key-hole surgery, cartilage repair, ligament reconstruction and partial or total knee replacement. To be a knee specialist, a physician must undergo specific trainings in orthopedic surgery including fellowships. Further, patients are more confident with a doctor who has had a lot of experience treating early and advanced knee arthritis, joint replacement and revision cases and familiarity with osteotomy. It is also helpful if the doctor is a good teacher because he or she can relate his or her cases with the students which in turn prove his or her knowledge in the field.

Knee Doctor – Specializing in Knee Injuries

Some doctors specializing in orthopedic surgery sub-specialize in knee surgery. A knee doctor has a residency in orthopedic surgery and learns from other experts regarding the sub-specialization they want. Most often, they dabble in sports medicine where knee injuries are rampant. To deepen the understanding and broaden the knowledge of a knee doctor, they assist or seek a post as team physician for rough contact sports teams. He or she may also do lectures and publish literature relevant to his or her field and experiences. Moreover, such doctors perform microfracture cartilage repairs, bone fillers using high tibial osteotomy, or partial meniscectomy.

Knee Surgeons – Their Role

Many knee surgeons are in sports medicine where they perform procedures geared at repairing sports knee injuries such as anterior and posterior cruciate ligament injuries and other joint and cartilage damage. In treating and managing patient’s cases, they consider various alternatives to improve outcomes including grafting and the use of prosthesis. They sometimes do research and present findings and patient’s cases during conferences and meetings as well as publish articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals. These surgeons also look into the management of failures and complications in medical procedures. Knee surgeons also employ the use of the latest technology to reduce operating times and hasten recovery in patients. They may also suggest rehabilitation techniques to help their patients.

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