Magnetic Healing – Therapies Using Electromagnetic Fields

The method of magnetic healing utilizes electromagnetic fields to affect various body systems in order to provide curative effects for various disorders, ailments and chronic pains. It also improves and controls functions like blood circulation and hormone production which give an overall feeling of wellness.

Magnetic Healing – Understanding the Principles

As a method different from conventional treatment, magnetic healing has acquired worldwide acceptance due to the large number of people who have actually benefited from its application. The electromagnetic flux generated by a rotating magnet has certain effects on the biological functions of living organisms which is exploited in this therapy to provide cures. Certain biochemical and psychological functions are triggered when the body’s magnetic field is exposed to an external static magnetic field or one that has pulsating and alternating field strengths. The therapeutic magnets used in this method have magnetic flux in the range of 200 to 10000 Gauss as compared to the body’s magnetic field of only up to a few gauss. Magnetic healing employs the application of these magnets as places where their impact will improve body functions for curative purposes.

Electromagnetic Therapy – Effects on Body

The effects of the electromagnetic therapy on the human body have several beneficial consequences which are the basis of the healing provided in this method. The primary effects of such therapy include increase blood flow, facilitate flushing of toxins, alter the acidity of body fluids, alter calcium flow to affect psychological functions, affect hormone and enzyme production, stimulate electromagnetic energy flow and cause cell chromosome alignment. These effects on the biological systems of the body can be harnessed to heal disorders and diseases. The most effective impact of electromagnetic therapy is in the field of curing chronic pains of the back and the joints. Spinal cord dysfunction causing paralysis is also claimed to be rectified by application of magnetic fields.

Magnetic Field Therapy – Healing Applications

There are many different types of disorders and ailments which can be cured through the application of magnetic field therapy as claimed by those who practice it. The most notable ailments that are addressed by this method include chronic pain and aches, generalized discomfort, infections, inflammations, restricted blood circulation, stress, amnesia and many types of nervous system disorders. The most astonishing results of this alternate healing technique are in the field of curing post polio symptoms, multiple sclerosis and spinal chord injury. Arthritic pain and recurring migraines can also be treated through the application of such magnetic fields on the affected areas.

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