Belgium Tourism – Great Sightseeing and Holiday Attractions

Belgium tourism boasts of festivals, castles, gardens, memorials, music and food. These can be experienced all year round, and in any part of the country.

Belgium Tourism – Culture in Action

Places of interest appeal to different kinds of people who visit Belgium. Among its attractions are the Herge and Curtius museums. Festivals are also spread in different parts of the country, during different seasons. Belgium tourism offers the Nuits Botanique Festival and the Verdure Rock Festival in Namur. There is also the Festival of Wallonia which is held from June to October in castles, abbeys and churches. These performances of classical music enrich Belgium tourism and give an idea to visitors that music is a part of Belgian culture. The southern region of Belgium is home to its many castles, citadel and the Notre Dame Cathedral of Tournai.

Brussels Tourism – Experiencing Belgium

Even within its capital alone, Brussels tourism proffers reasons why visiting Belgium is a good choice. The new Magritte Museum has opened its doors for one to witness over 200 works of the painter, Rene Magritte. Among its treasures are archival material, letters, photographs and drawings. Brussels tourism also recommends its bustling centuries-old Grand’ Place which accommodates the Hotel de Ville surrounded by cafes, markets, museums and shops. Amongst the festivals in Belgium are the Brussels Jazz Marathon in May, Tapis de Fleurs in August and the Belgian Beer Weekend in September. Its many flea markets are great hunting spots for antique aficionados. The many boutique hotels in the capital are also venues that house art works.

Holidays Belgium – Spending Leisure

A vacation spent in Belgium could also be a learning experience especially of the past. It is where one finds Flanders Fields, where about half a million died during the First World War. This is the place where several military cemeteries and memorials could be found. Belgium also provides the scene for the famous battle of Waterloo where Napoleon was outsmarted by the Duke of Wellington. Vacationers can reach this area through buses or get around by hiring a car. Holidays Belgium is not complete without digging in to savor its gastronomic feasts such as moule frits or mussels with chips or French fries paired with ice cold beer.

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