Cleveland Tourism – Enjoy Great Tour Packages and Tourist Attractions

Tourism has become the major source of economy in Cleveland. Cleveland also has many important landmarks of historical importance and there are many tourist information outlets spread all over the city.

Cleveland Tourism – Know the Complete Details

Cleveland has turned out to be a popular tourist destination in the recent years. In fact, Cleveland tourism offers a lot of goodies for the travelers. Situated in the state of Ohio, Cleveland has a number of modern buildings including the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum which attracts the attention of the tourists. Other attractions featured by Cleveland tourism include sports stadiums, shopping malls, the Historic Warehouse, Lorain Avenue, and many such. Cleveland also features the Metroparks Zoo which has a huge collection of primate species, the Great Lakes Science Center with more than 400 interactive exhibits, the Omnimax theater, the Public Square which is the central point of the city, and so on.

Cleveland Tour – Exploring the City

The most important part of Cleveland tour are the museums including the Police Museum which gives information about the history of the police force in the city, the Cleveland Museum of National History which features about 4 million specimens, a planetarium, and zoological exhibits, etc. Another interesting museum is the Women’s Air and Space Museum which provides complete information about the history of women who served in the field of space and aviation. There is also the Cleveland Museum of Art which displays wonderful paintings from the Renaissance period, and the African American Museum which offers details on the artistic contributions of people of African origin. The Cleveland tour also features many amusement parks with exciting rides and roller coasters.

Cleveland Travel – More Information

If you are planning for Cleveland travel, it requires a little bit of planning. You should know what to pack for the trip and what not. Cleveland is a place of scenic beauty and so it would be ideal to take a photo equipment with you to capture the moments of enjoyment. When it comes to accommodation in Cleveland, there are many affordable options in the city center itself. The places where you can find reasonable hotels include the East 12th Street, the Huron Road, the Euclid Avenue, the Prospect Avenue, the St. Clair Avenue, and the like. You can also get good hotels nearby the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.

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