Key West Attractions – Activities and Amusements in the Island City

Blessed with serene beaches, blue waters and a breathtakingly beautiful marine life, Key West has lots in store for its tourists. The famous vacation spot is a beautiful island placed in the city of Florida in USA and is considered to be a beach lover’s paradise.

Key West Attractions – Must Visit Places and Things to Do

Key West is a historically significant place and one can discover the history of the place by visiting the various museums like Mel Fisher Maritime Heritage Museum, Ernest Hemingway Museum, Key West Shipwreck Treasures Museum etc. Other Key West attractions are Mallory Square where one can witness the locals performing their traditional art forms. You can also buy crafts and try the authentic cuisine of this place. A visit to the Key West Aquarium and the Key West Tropical Forest and Botanical gardens is a visual treat. Some other Key West attractions are Heritage House, Little White House, and Duval’s Street which is the commercial hub of Key West.

Key West Beach – Water Sports and Activities

Key West is blessed with some of the best beaches in the world, few of which are Bahia Honda State Park Beach, Smathers Beach, Fort Taylor Beach etc. You will find plenty of resorts and hotels facing the beach, but you should book a place well in advance if you are visiting this place during peak season. It is advisable to avoid visiting a Key West beach during the hurricane season which starts from August and lasts till October. Almost all these beaches are well equipped with bathrooms and showers. Adventure sports enthusiasts can participate in various activities like kayaking, parasailing, snorkeling, fishing, scuba diving, etc. in Key West beaches.

Key West Snorkeling – Things to Know

A trip to Key West is incomplete ithout experiencing reef snorkeling. A lot of private diving and snorkeling centres with trained professionals offer snorkeling for reasonable prices. Even non-swimmers can go snorkeling with the assistance of experts. It is advised to go out during the day when the sun is bright and water clearer for an unforgettable Key West snorkeling experience. One can experience the rich marine life; ship wrecks and beautiful and rare coral reefs while snorkeling. Before you go snorkeling ensure that you have got a good mask that fits your face well, and enables you to breathe comfortably for a safe and fun Key West snorkeling.

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