Louisiana Attractions – Fun Filled Activities and Tours for the Enthusiastic Tourist

Louisiana houses plenty of tourist attractions. Starting from viewing heritage buildings and haunted houses to tour at swamps and waterways, Louisiana travel includes lots of activities and fun filled adventures; in one word Louisiana is an amazing place to explore and enjoy vacation with friends and family.

Louisiana Attractions – A Swift Glance

Louisiana is a famous tourist destination with some unique tourist spots. There are plenty of Louisiana attractions to enjoy; therefore, it is wise for the tourists to take a count on them before making a travel plan here. Some of the never-to-miss tourist spots of Louisiana are Acadian Village, LSU Museum of Art, North Louisiana Military Museum, Bocage Plantation, Steamboat Natchez, American Rose Center, Tabasco Factory, ABITA Beer, Cathedral of St. John in Lafayette Antebellum Homes, etc. The explorers may visit the path of Hurricane Katrina, zoo in Baton Rouge, Texas Street Bridge in Shreveport for some lifetime memories. Foodies should not miss exotic and yummy Cajun cuisine because it is one of the signature Louisiana attractions and deserves unique mention in the list of Louisiana specials. Food tour in Louisiana is an exotic journey to local gastronomy, which is unique in its own taste and flavor.

Swamp Tour – Louisiana Exclusive

Swamp tour is one of the special tourist attractions of Louisiana. Some of high-in-demand tours are the Audubon Zoo and Aquarium tour, Bayou Pierre Alligator Firm tour, Honey Island tour, Swamp Monster tour, Jean Lafitte tour, and Cajun Pride tour, etc. Most of these tours are arranged in-group although tours for small groups by canoe or kayak can be also arranged on special request. The boats meant for swamp tour are somehow different; these boats are called airboats. These airboats are made with special designs for getting into shallow water, flooded forest, and dense interior of swamps. Mostly these tours are conducted by forest experts and authentic guides, who can guide the tourists about swamp intricacies and wildlife surrounding these places. During the tour, the tourists may watch alligators, snapping turtle, raccoons, nutria, egrets, snakes, and beautiful forest birds, and learn about their life cycle around the swamps.

Louisiana Plantations – Mystic Tours

Louisiana Plantations tours are mainly planned centering some heritage structures. The antebellum mansions are mostly included in these tours as prime venues. The trips are organized at the daytime but on discretion, enthusiast tourists may stay at any of these spots at night to enjoy the mystic experience. Although there are plenty of options, some of the best tour options areTour at Kent Plantation HouseTour at Rip Van Winkle GardenDestrehan Plantation TourGreat Oaks Plantation TourWoodland Plantation TourMultiple plantation houses in Louisiana are linked with haunted past; but somehow these ghostly links have made Louisiana Plantations tours extremely exciting and simply mystery-special.

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