A Picket Fence – Creating Adorable and Appealing Boundaries

The picket fences are widely used to mark the boundaries of properties. They are usually available in white color. Different varieties of picket fences are available these days, including the customized versions.

A Picket Fence – Know it Better

A picket fence is a particular kind of fence which is used for constructing domestic boundaries. It is quite popular in the US since the Colonial Era. The most notable feature of a picket fence is that it is often found in white color. It is manufactured from wood. However, you can also get modified versions in plastic which has close resemblance with aluminum or wood. The size of this kind of fence is usually short, and it has a pointed or tapered top on vertical boards which are spaced evenly. These boards are known as pickets. Furthermore, they symbolize a peaceful life in a middle-class background.

Build a Picket Fence – Get Details

To build a picket fence, the layout should be prepared at first using string as well as small stakes. Each post hole should be so much deep to accommodate about 1/3 of the total length of the post below the ground. The tools required to build a picket fence include a drill and power saw, hammer, bucket and shovel to mix cement, post hole digger, small hand saw, and so on. After keeping the posts inside the hole, they are to be covered using concrete, and kept for some days to set well. After this, the panels can be constructed, and could be attached to the posts.

Picket Fence Designs – More Facts

There are many picket fence designs available today from a variety of sources. Among these, there are traditional designs as well as modern designs. These include the decorative feature fences, the colorbond front fences, those made out of hardwood, Cypress pine, and so on. Most of the suppliers who provide this type of fence provide a kit for the customers who wish to build one on their own. This will minimize the amount of wastage of timber while constructing a well-designed and appealing fence. These fences come in different styles like the board on board style, the stockade style, the shadowbox style, the classical style, and many more.

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